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Space Solutions

When launching rockets, finding them saves millions of dollars

A perfect example demonstrating GSE talent and technologies in the works involves a project challenge that NASA presented to engineers of GSE. NASA needed a GPS device capable of withstanding rash rocket propulsion, surviving speeds over Mach 5 and heights of over 185,000 feet before returning to acceptable conditions to begin reporting. NASA also needed to pinpoint the exact location of their device once landing in the open waters. Since no such solution existed on the shelf for these unique requirements, NASA teamed with GSE engineers to leverage GSE’s expertise and GSE’s open source Iridium platform.

GSE and NASA engineers worked together to ruggedize the GSatMicro OEM terminal by repackaging the components of the unit so they could meet required compatibility checks, along with designing the device to float on top of the ocean, resulting in a customized device called the Flight Imagery Recorder Locator (FIRLo). In order to track the FIRLo units with the decisive accuracy NASA required, GSE integrated the FIRLo features into GSE’s proprietary web based satellite and GSM tracking platform, GSatTrack.

To date, rockets are fired from earth with attached FIRLo devices surviving temperatures up to 650 degrees celsius, and submersion in water, while still reporting with accuracy, and allowing NASA to pinpoint and retrieve valuable information and cargo left over from the launches.

Satellite Technologies

L-band satellite transmission capabilities vary across different industries and sectors within those industries, but are most commonly geared toward solutions involving geo-tracking or sensory reporting at regular intervals. Because L-band technology operates at the lower end of the frequency spectrum, these smaller data packets travel more efficiently, allowing for real-time transmission and globally-supported satellite coverage.

Satellite technology is among the few equipment and facilities categories that gets constant attention, and the reasons for that are manifold. Primarily, it is quite normal for satellite technologies to have strong ROI, often because they can automate systems and processes that otherwise require extensive man hours and maintenance of existing equipment currently employed to perform the task. These cost savings add up quickly, and can easily justify the budget decision in a matter of a few short years.

Internet Of Things Creates Actionable Data

Perhaps impossible to ignore is everyone’s increasing obsession with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, and how they can apply to one’s commercial sector, even in the most fringe of capacities. While it is certain that a large amount of the advancements in technology can have measurable and significant effects on efficiency, accountability, and reliability, it is also eventually going to be the case that a number of these “must-have innovations” will become decorative bells and whistles that fail to contribute sufficient return on investment. Making smart decisions about how to invest in these new technologies is critically important, especially in a sector like Agriculture, where margins are debilitatingly thin already.

Leverage Our Expertise For Your Business Growth

GSE’s team of engineers and solution architects are perfectly prepared to assist in the creation of a technology set that actually meets your individual needs by amalgamating only the tools that help you achieve the goals you have for improvement of processes and output. While GSE has the ability to work with all of the available bells and whistles mentioned above, we know that less is almost always more when it comes to AgTech, and we know how to get from your desired outcome to a lean solution set specifically designed to achieve that goal. GSE engineers also emphasize ease of use, integration with existing equipment and technology whenever possible, and streamlined, replicable implementations, with support.

Making smart decisions about which of these technologies is best for your operation can be extraordinarily difficult, especially because of the influx of availability, and the pressure to make allotments only for those enhancements that will have strong ROI. As a technology partner, GSE will work directly with you to outline the opportunities available to achieve your goals, and we always emphasize the use of existing equipment wherever possible, as the majority of our solutions integrate with technology that has been on the market for quite some time.


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