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Discover the latest technology in the satcom industry

Discover the latest technology in the satcom industry

Rapid technological advancements have swelled into a tsunami of change resulting in great shifts within the overall IoT, M2M, and satellite-related industries. Business models and operations are undergoing fast changes, while increasingly revolutionary solutions are becoming available. One cannot help to think about potential opportunities that were previously unattainable as well as nascent possibilities that still escape one’s imagination.

Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) is an engineering firm dedicated to the Research and Development of continually evolving solutions aligned with the rapid advancements of the overall satellite-related industry including the high demands involving the IoT and associated M2M communications industry. GSE has a powerful reputation with all leading Satellite networks and associated manufactures, such as Iridium and Inmarsat, for developing products and solutions laden with special feature capabilities and expanded versatility that are sophisticated, easy to use, and cost effective.

Join Forces with Global Satellite Engineering (GSE)

GSE constantly innovates and fills gaps in the market with cutting edge technologies which include hardware, services, and features, granting the flexibility and versatility necessary for strategic integrations dictated by the requirements of each individual project’s needs. GSE provides direct access to its engineering team, allowing you to join forces with engineers that deliver the latest IoT innovations and satellite technology.

Whether you are an end-user, distributor, reseller, hardware developer, teleport operator, service provider, engineering consultant, value-add partner, or a government civilian or military agency, GSE delivers the latest IoT innovations and satellite technologies accompanied by relevant advanced engineering expertise to help you enable your unique solutions and develop products that were previously unfathomable.

Hardware Integration with the GSatMicro OEM or GSatMicro OEMx

GSE’s GSatMicro Series is a suite of intelligent Iridium satellite terminals (also available in dual mode satellite-GSM) that provide behavior monitoring and management of fixed and mobile assets around the globe. All GSatMicro terminals in the series provide a global communications channel with optional encryption for transmitting and receiving data on-demand whether on land, in the air, or at sea.

The GSatMicro Series terminals are fully programmable and customizable, and are available in handheld form factor or OEM, allowing the creation and modification of scripts – over the air – to expose custom behaviors and transmit data in a format dictated by the customer’s unique needs. The OEM versions are capable of being fully integrated into a customized form factor providing you the building blocks to satellite enable and meet specialized demands of any project imaginable.

Please visit for full details.

Service Integration with GSatTrack

GSE’s proprietary universal tracking & monitoring platform, GSatTrack, is a secure and robust cloud based software platform specifically designed to provide a simple to use and highly scalable platform for diversified industries. GSatTrack consolidates all of your devices under one convenient multilingual portal and allows you to remotely monitor and control your assets from any computer or other browser enabled device with internet access.

GSatTrack allows for a system that works together and operates globally; on land, in the air, and at sea. You can use GSatTrack to monitor individuals, your fleet, your small aircraft, and your vessels using the most appropriate devices determined by your individual projects. For example, you can effectively track and monitor Globalstar Spot, Iridium Extreme 9575, Nal Shout, mobile phones, GSE’s GSatMicro Series, GSE’s MCG-101 Iridium intelligent PBX terminals, Orbcomm IDP devices, CalAmp LMU devices, FlightCell International DZM2 devices, EMA BlueTraker terminals… and so much more… under one convenient multilingual portal.

This kind of innovation positioned GSE’s tracking/monitoring platform, GSatTrack, as the first Inmarsat CAP gold certified tracking application to be used by Inmarsat partners in the enterprise sector. GSatTrack has gained a reputation of sophistication and user friendly interface with feature rich capabilities and customization unlike any other monitoring solution.

Please visit for more details on GSatTrack and other dynamic products developed by GSE.

Go Beyond

GSE welcomes the opportunity to join forces and explore how we can solve challenges or create new opportunities by integrating the latest technology available. Please review our GSE Case Studies to discover how other clients have leveraged GSE technologies and expertise to make their “wants” a reality: Read Case Studies.

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GSE has the knowledge to guide you toward empowering technology. Having direct access to engineers that deliver the latest IoT innovations and satellite technology is a promising way to assure you uncover insight on your strategic opportunities. Call Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) at 954.459.4000 or email today.

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Abby Kennedy
Government Business Development

Abby Kennedy has spent over 15 years developing business in the government sector having directly contracted over 55 million in IT related solutions the first five years, then dedicating the following 10 years consulting and guiding companies in how to align their solution capabilities for contracting success. GSE is pleased to have Abby join our team to lead the development of our strategic government business.

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