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Fleet Management: What is your Strategic Safety & Performance Plan?


Implementing a telematics solution into your fleet of vehicles allows you to improve safety, improve sustainability, streamline operations, and reduce overall costs. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, among other goals, the US government has established various Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans, with Fleet Management being one of the primary focal points. It is no wonder, as the Federal Fleet alone is comprised of approximately 605,000 vehicles, not including the DoD.

Executive Order 13693, passed in 2015, strives to generate more efficient Federal operations and to reduce fleet-wide, per-mile, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from agency fleet vehicles, as well as to collect and manage asset (vehicle) level data to support government-wide reporting systems... to include vehicle usage, operating speed, drive and idle time, unauthorized usage, emissions, and location information.

The rapidly evolving world of telematics continues to open the doors to amazing innovations involving fleet management, such as unique applications that address driver fatigue - an application that is saving lives and precious cargo. Tracking terminals are continually expanding their capabilities to improve situational awareness and incident response, as well as location accuracy. Dual-Mode Satellite-Cellular terminals now exist to provide the best of both worlds by blending cellular bandwidth with reliable satellite coverage such as from Inmarsat or Iridium for cost-effective and redundant coverage around the world.

There are three main components to a Telematics Solution: the hardware, the tracking software, and the airtime which includes activation, monthly, and usage fees. Technology advancements of leading engineering and development firms such as Global Satellite Engineering (GSE), give you the freedom to mix and match the source of each component. You may choose various hardware devices based on special features from various manufactures, and choose a software platform from an entirely different company.

Whether Satellite, GSM, or the best of both worlds - Dual-Mode Satellite/GSM - Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) offers customized fleet solutions that are sophisticated, yet easy to implement and manage. GSE is the developer of the up and coming leading tracking/monitoring software platform, GSatTrack.

GSE’s GSatTrack software is a web-based universal GSM plus Satellite tracking platform that allows several channels of communications options to be integrated into one system - such as Iridium, Inmarsat, Blackberry, IPhone - along with endless devices from most any manufacture. Whether you have existing devices or wish to add new devices or mix and match a variety of devices, chances are GSE has already integrated them into the GSatTrack platform.

In fact, GSatTrack is the first Inmarsat-Certified Tracking application. Certified partner applications aim to deliver the turnkey Inmarsat-ready solutions that help build strong business relationships and improve customer satisfaction with existing customers and global partners. As a gold certified application, GSatTrack demonstrates the readiness and endorsements for its use over the Inmarsat network. Click Here for details.

GSE is also an Iridium Value added Manufacturer, Developer, and Reseller, having engineered the world’s smallest all inclusive Iridium based intelligent tracking terminal, the GSatMicro, offering fully integrated communications technology - available as a handheld or as an OEM version allowing you to build your own satellite terminal.

Know Your Options

Contact GSE, a leading IoT, M2M, SATCOM, Telematics Solutions Developer and Consulting firm where you get direct access to engineers that deliver the latest in IoT innovations..

Let us help you determine your Strategic Safety & Performance Fleet Management Plan. Together we can help you discover key functionality and the overall value of implementation. Call us at 954.459.4000, or email us at for a no obligation Discovery Call to help you uncover critical information to lead you in the right direction. We can help you determine the following:

  • How precise your solution can monitor your asset usage and spend
  • How effectively your solution can help you avoid wasted resources
  • How secure the collected data is
  • How flexible your solution is - can you customize the solution to meet your unique needs, wants
  • How universal your software is - can you retain your existing investments in telematics equipment

Following are a few links to case studies and articles pertaining to GSE and Fleet Management success stories.

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