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GSatMicro Making Waves


Yachting World Gives GSatMicro the Thumbs Up

A few days ago, Yachting World published ratings and reviews of twelve different personal tracking products that it felt were among the industry's best options for yachting enthusiasts. Among them, a number of Globalstar devices, but also the GSatMicro, hailed as the potential heir apparent in the handheld device market.

"[...] you would be able to invent, write and test commands that could be carried out anywhere in the world – cutting the engine or turning instruments on or off would only be the start of its functionality."

GSE is very proud of its GSatMicro hardware, which is the smallest portable tracking device available on the market. While it has been developed to support the needs of military and rugged commercial clients, GSE is committed to making the GSatMicro a device that can be considered for personal and leisure use as well. As part of this vision, GSE is continuing to develop the companion app to serve as a controller for the device in lieu of scripting commands sent from configuration software.

Yachting World identified the more advanced technical skill requirement as the primary barrier between the average yachting enthusiast and the GSatMicro, but their designation of the GSatMicro as a bellwether for the future of the personal tracking device market is a humbling compliment that GSE is proud to see through to fruition.

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Jeffery Palmer is an American entrepreneur, inventor, computer programmer, and engineer. In 2004, Palmer co-founded Global Satellite Engineering (GSE); a design and engineering firm for the satcom industry. During his tenure as Director at GSE, he has promoted and inspired the growth of technology for satellite communications. Palmer has given many lectures and works closely with industry leaders to offer custom solutions to clients of the satcom industry.

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