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GSatTrack- the Technology Solution Enabler

GSatTrack- the Technology Solution Enabler

GSatTrack Powers Entire Technology Suites

As rapid advancements of feature-rich hardware continue to enter the IoT and telematics industries, investing in a software platform that is also feature-rich with flexible customization capabilities, and the ability to quickly integrate the technology advancements will not only boost your project success, it will position you for the necessary adaptability of the inevitable changes ongoing.

Technology advancements, to include the accelerated ability to collect data, discover activities, and enhance environmental or situational awareness, have also created high demand for information-sharing and efficiency across all industries.

For example, information-sharing within the US government, and between the US and allies specifically, is essential to modern security efforts, as well as for effective defense. Implementing a telematics solution that provides a common operating view of all activities in the field regardless of how many separate divisions/commands, and regardless of asset location - whether on land, sea or in the air - anywhere on the globe is critical for mission success.

For corporations, it can mean vast improvements of communication with customers or partnerships across the globe by sharing real-time and customized information on the what/why/when/how/where of a given asset, thus improving customer retention and business growth.

These new technologies are a driving force for new demands across all industries. Implementing a solution with the ability to anticipate and adapt to these ongoing changes plays a significant role in the design of a sustainable and effective solution.

Why Work with GSE?

GSE is an engineering firm with a finger on the pulse of the latest releases of new technologies and is devoted to innovating new opportunities and solving challenges for the satellite, M2M, IoT and Telematics industries. GSE’s reputation has laid the foundation of strong partnerships with leading providers such as Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, and Thuraya, along with leading manufactures such as Orbcomm/Skywave, Nal Research, and Garmin.

GSE started in the SATCOM industry almost 15 years ago creating encrypted satellite video transmission products for military aircraft and quickly entered the telematics industry focussed in the M2M and IoT solutions. GSE specializes in applications that meet the explicit needs of both the commercial sectors and the government sectors. All of GSE’s product development is inspired by solving unique challenges based on application needs of customers. They are designed to align with cutting edge technology while providing the necessary flexibility, rich capabilities, and ease of use to address the unique needs and adapt to ongoing changes. You can click on the following links to learn more about our offerings:

  • GSatMicro Series: Intelligent Iridium terminal that includes behavior monitoring and management of fixed and mobile assets available in handheld or OEM form factors
  • MCG-101: Iridium based communications hub/terminal for office or vehicle, with Voice+Data+Tracking capabilities accessible via analog phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC, with optional tracking
  • SatCollect: a service that drastically reduces satellite airtime costs, provides advanced billing management, and simplifies the calling process
  • GSatTrack: GSE’s Flagship Product. A web based integrated Satellite and GSM tracking solution that brings all the positions of all devices of choice under one unified interface - providing real-time tracking of asset locations and movements - to include position, speed, altitude and heading - worldwide via GPS updates.

Why GSatTrack

Requests are on the rise from both commercial and government industries for replacing existing tracking platforms with GSE’s universal tracking platform, GSatTrack. Common reasons involve the need for customization to meet the growing demands to include the need for custom and automated reporting, the ability to effectively and securely cross share information, provide a common operating view of all activities, and customize administration rights for manageability.

For both Commercial and government accounts, GSatTrack, allows the ability to create the solutions of choice while in most cases netting customers tremendous savings in engineering time by having configurations already performed that are necessary to get off-the-shelf products to function.

An example would be the popular Orbcomm Skywave products. GSE has built an interface to interact with the software specific to Orbcomm’s products, and has advanced the level of integration to allow for full feature usage with the push of a button, including the ability to make configurations over the air. More information on GSatTrack & Orbcomm’s Skywave product integration can be found here.

GSatTrack’s reputation as the best solution to empower Inmarsat customers in all sectors across the world awarded GSatTrack as the Inmarsat-Gold Certified Tracking Solution which in turn also creates tremendous savings by eliminating their need to invest into the R&D of a tracking solution.

Here are more specifics driving the demand for GSatTrack:

  • Ability to develop encryption key methodology
  • Custom user interfaces
  • Custom GPS configurations
  • Customized emergency routing
  • Remote commanding and configuration to support operations
  • The ability to quickly add maps or image overlays from 3rd party mapping providers on a regular basis
  • Customized and automated scheduled reports that can also be sent to 3rd parties
  • Custom alerts
  • Ability to allow effective interoperability with existing systems, and historical information
  • Advanced ability to collect geo-coordinates from several types of manufactured devices that are located on various asset types, to include activity logs.
  • Advanced ability to share data with various branches or 3rd parties securely
  • Advanced ability to provide tracking in real time and with historical information
  • Providing a solution that includes a combination of land, maritime and small aircraft applications
  • Effectively interoperable with existing systems with ease
  • Quicker ability to integrate new devices to the portal
  • Eliminate down time since software updates are performed behind the scenes and seamless to the end-user.
  • The availability to access direct support from leading engineers of the SATCOM industry

GSE’s GSatTrack platform provides the synergy of the overall telematics solution while maintaining the necessary adaptability to evolve along with the inevitable and ongoing technological advancements. Think of GSatTrack as the Technology Solution Enabler.

We look forward to discussing your interests and discovering how GSE may be able to assist you in solving your challenges, or creating new opportunities!

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Allow us to influence your imagination of what technologies of today can do for you!

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Government Business Development

Abby Kennedy has spent over 15 years developing business in the government sector having directly contracted over 55 million in IT related solutions the first five years, then dedicating the following 10 years consulting and guiding companies in how to align their solution capabilities for contracting success. GSE is pleased to have Abby join our team to lead the development of our strategic government business.

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