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GSE builds partnerships through creative, high-quality solutions for the satcom industry

GSE builds partnerships through creative, high-quality solutions for the satcom industry

In the massively exciting world of wireless connectivity solutions, Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) is first and foremost a business founded on problem-solving. With over ten years’ experience in the satellite and cell-based technology industry; we thrive on always challenging our own assumptions, asking the right questions, and are never content with the seemingly obvious.

Our customers tell us that simplicity is critical to technology adoption, value creation and scalability. We hear you. A large part of our engineering effort is spent on the user interface (UI) to our products and platforms. Our solutions are designed with ease-of-use and intuitiveness in mind – from the UI menus to the logical grouping of features. Accessibility equal across all devices, geographies, languages and communication types is also ensured. Breaking complexity down to make technology simple and useable is our skill set and our priority. We deliver on this mission with trusted expertise, ingenuity and passion.

Our most successful solutions are born from when we have a deep understanding of where our customers are headed, the challenges they have and how we can help them solve them. First and foremost, we start with a discussion about desired results and why they are important. Based on this we identify a solution and work with our clients to make sure we accomplish exactly what they need. To establish trust, we provide results intended to exceed expectations. Establishing this trust is needed for success of our goal to build an enduring value based partnership.

About the Author
Robin Beesley
Business Development Manager

Robin Beesley has spent over 31 years in the telecommunications and satellite industries, both in the USA and in the UK-his original home. He has worked extensively with customers and partners to help solve challenges and in the new era of ‘everything is connected’, drives growth with large commercial enterprises and government applications.

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