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Hacking Satellite: Identifying and growing opportunities for the Satcom industry

Hacking Satellite: Identifying and growing opportunities for the Satcom industry

I’m excited to announce a new blog series from GSE, which will focus on the things that everyone loves to do, regardless of their industry. In this blog series, we will be paying attention to those limit-pushing ideas... the cool ones that you talk about to get people excited about Satellite. We feel it is important to constantly engage with the dreamers and visionaries that have a passion for seeing the future become the present more quickly, and while the steps we take daily to improve and progress the technology is certainly worthy of discussion and celebration, it is also critical that we not lose sight of the things that make us excited to work on the kinds of products and services that were only science fiction just a few decades ago.

Every 4th Monday, we will explore questions like “Are we any closer to accomplishing [insert futuristic supertech here] than we were a few years ago?” and “What can we do to accelerate that?” by surveying the advancements of clients, competitors, and other visionaries like you. We will identify opportunities for companies like ours and like yours to innovate, and collectively move the satellite industry toward its maximum potential. We know that when one of us releases new technology, it benefits all of us. The race is good, the competition is good, and our collective progress and the opportunities that exist for all of us to expand our businesses increase manifold when we compete to be the first, best, or most prolific provider of any satellite product. In so many ways, whenever we compete, everyone wins. When we strive to differentiate ourselves to win major contracts for example, specifically with government agencies, the miles we go to win those contracts ultimately benefits everyone with a safer world and more robust infrastructure.

In the spirit of this understanding, we encourage all of you, regardless of your relationship with us, to engage with our hacking satellite blog as extensively as you’d like. Watch for great ideas that you can build, launch, and perfect. We encourage you to actively contribute to group discussions about collaborative initiatives, and, when we hold them, participate in our hackathons. We will also use this blog to announce and provide details about our future hackathon events, so if you’ve been looking for the opportunity to show off your innovative prowess, find partners for your dream projects, or source some excellent ideas, resources, and talent, you will also want to click below to add our release notice to your calendar.

As a preview, here are some of the topics we plan to address this calendar year:

  • Autonomous cars and the current and future opportunities they create for satellite
    • What exactly are the opportunities?
    • How can you leverage these opportunities for your business goals?
    • What is the best way to invest and build product roadmaps to capitalize?
  • Payments, cryptocurrencies, and the future of interchange
    • What is the landscape and how will satellite play a role?
    • Is my company in position to pivot?
    • What exactly will the RFPs look like for companies like mine?
  • Emerging Markets
    • Not just what we can create, but how we can get more mileage from existing tech

Please accept this invitation to participate in our satellite “hacker” community. Our goal is to establish a coopertition scenario in which we collectively benefit from the crowd-sourcing of ideas and innovation that we can all push forward with healthy races for market share. Participation in this community will expose new business relationships, networking opportunities, investment opportunities, and potential partnerships. We owe it to ourselves to adapt the ways in which we view and conduct business as the accelerating pace of technological change makes it increasingly difficult for companies to unilaterally pursue advancement. Please connect with us directly, at tradeshows, via email, and on social media. We look forward to hearing from you.

About the Author
Justin Vizaro
Product Manager

Justin brings an entrepreneurial background to GSE, and has been involved with the South Florida startup community since 2008, including a stint with Miami-based Rokk3r Labs. With Product Management and Product Development experience in over 20 distinct industries, Justin is always looking for opportunities to turn the boldest ideas into realities.

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