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An Inside Look: GSatMicro - Custom Testing

An Inside Look: GSatMicro - Custom Testing

The GSatMicro is not only a small, powerful, customizable, self-contained Iridium tracker; it is one of Global Satellite Engineering’s (GSE) flagship products. GSE is a product specific enabler of the latest technology in the satellite marketplace; it is also the engineering team at the disposal of a long list of vetted industry leading resellers, partners and customers of satellite solutions and services. We deliver the latest IOT innovations, satellite communications technology, and enable solutions with products that were previously unobtainable. The GSatMicro is only but one of those solutions.

GSE offers the GSatMicro as a marketplace solution for the satellite communications industry from markets like oil and mining, fishing and wildlife, government agencies, personal tracking, military operations, and design and research. Currently we offer services like onsite testing protocol of the GSatMicro before shipping to our partners. Once the GSatMicro has gone through the assembly and manufacturing process, it is tested on the Iridium network for a GPS and satellite fix to ensure it is working properly.

Prior to shipping the unit for projects, our team can conduct a series of tests and analyses of the product to measure functions like battery life, reporting intervals, position reporting, and more. GSatTrack is the tool the team uses to measure the analytic reports like position reports to measure battery life at our testing facilities. From a span of hours to days, the internal lithium battery’s process can be tested for optimization of every project need; like battery-percentage-over-reporting-interval-time until the battery is depleted. For example, a current test conducted at our headquarters in Fort Lauderdale proves efficiency of the battery percentage drop of 3% over a 24-hour period at a 1 hour reporting interval rate.

This is just one of the many custom reporting tests done at the GSE HeadQuarters on the GSatMicro. GSE empowers our partners, customers and resellers to deliver the latest technology solutions to the marketplace.

About the Author
Gustavo Moran
Operations Manager

Gustavo Moran is a Venezuelan born, tech evangelist. Gus, has extensive experience providing clients with innovative and complete B2B and B2C technology solutions for Fortune 100 brands. Gus joined GSE in 2013 with focus on the Central and South American markets. Currently, Gus oversees product development, logistics, testing, and hardware production and manufacturing for GSE's line of satellite communications hardware.

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