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An Inside Look: GSatMicro - Mobile application

An Inside Look: GSatMicro - Mobile application

The GSatMicro is a powerful, small, customizable, self-contained Iridium tracker. But it’s not just a handheld tracker; it’s so much more. With its very small and modern form factor, weighing in at just 4.5 ounces, it is the most innovative satellite tracker on the market. One of the GSatMicro’s features is Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) for smartphone connectivity for messaging and configuration.

The GSatMicro mobile application allows for a seamless way for the end user to connect with the unit via an iOS device. Some of the features of the mobile application are: live current unit statistics, unit settings, messages, and connecting to the console using LUA 5.0 series directly from the app on your iPhone or iPad.

Once the GSatMicro is paired to an iOS device, you are able to utilize the mobile app features. From the ‘Current Statistics’ tab, you are able to see the units live current statistics from temperature, RSSI value, battery level and accelerometer range. This is one of the flagship features of the device, as you are able to measure the units’ statistics remotely using a Bluetooth connection when in range with the device.

The unit settings tab allows the user to see the units GPS Fast start, cache reports, Iridium signal timeout, Alert ADC ID and more. This is a convenient feature because it allows the user to read the unit settings from a mobile device, while on the go, without having to open or connect to a desktop device.

Another feature of the mobile app is its messaging feature. The benefit of this feature is to allow the end user to view messages on their phone without having to move the unit from its storage place or stowing. This allows the end user to communicate with the portal operator without tempering with the device.

Another flagship feature is the Console tab. This allows the user to view the LUA commands directly on a mobile device. The user can read the GSatMicro’s GPS functions, messaging functions, caching functions, iridium functions, GPIO functions, Compass functions, accelerometer functions, battery functions, setting functions and more. The feature allows the user to remotely connect to the unit on a mobile device with the convenience of doing it on the go and not on a desktop device.

The GSatMicro mobile application can be found on the App Store and requires iOS 7.0 or later:

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Gustavo Moran is a Venezuelan born, tech evangelist. Gus, has extensive experience providing clients with innovative and complete B2B and B2C technology solutions for Fortune 100 brands. Gus joined GSE in 2013 with focus on the Central and South American markets. Currently, Gus oversees product development, logistics, testing, and hardware production and manufacturing for GSE's line of satellite communications hardware.

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