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Maximizing the value of your GSatTrack Demo Account

GSatTrack: The Universal Tracking Solution by Global Satellite Engineering

For ‘hands on’ customers we provide access to the full functionality of GSatTrack for one month, without risk, commitment or cost. During this period, you will be able to learn the User Interface (UI) and how the extensive range of features can help your operation. By preparing for your Demo, you will really understand the depth of capability available for your self-reporting assets.

This is a quick guide to getting the most from your demo experience:

  • Decide on the overall objectives for your demo. This will help determine the ‘must see’ capabilities of GSatTrack that address your goals. If you are bringing your own device (BYOD) it is more than likely we have incorporated the communication interface to our platform. Think about the specific features that are important to you. We recommend speaking to our sales team right at the beginning of the demo period to help set up both GSatTrack and your device to operate exactly the way you want.
  • We want you to experience GSatTrack operating in the way you envisage in a production environment. The demo is aimed at accurately simulating your real world operation. To get the most value and confidence we encourage customers to:
    • Add and name your asset(s) for easy identification – you can add different hardware types.
    • Set your preferences for mapping, overlays, language, time etc.
    • Draw your own geofences to show ingress/egress alerts.
    • Download the iOS GSatTrack App to your iPhone or iPad so you can take your demo with you wherever you are in the world.
    • Experiment with setting up places on the map – offices, warehouse locations, work sites etc.
    • Work on ideas for creating alerts and alert processing. These are simple to set up through our intuitive interface. Think of what you want to happen when an alert is triggered and how it should be reported.
  • GSE is always available to answer any questions on how to do things or discuss how particular requirements can be configured. Make these calls early in your demo period so you get the most value. Either way, we like you to check in with us midway through the demo period so that we can make sure you or your colleagues are getting the most from the rich feature set.
  • One of the most important customer benefits of GSatTrack is the wide variety of canned and bespoke report formats. During the second half of your demo period, you will have accumulated a surprising amount of data on your asset(s). This is a good time to explore reporting types and how they can help decision making in your organization. Starting with a simple position history of your assets to data exporting, many report types can be generated.

Overall, the GSatTrack demo provides an excellent learning and development environment for users to explore the features we have developed (most of which have been requested by customers like you). We are committed to making your demo achieve the goals you have and creating the best possible representation of your production environment. But like everything, a little advance planning around what you want to see will provide a lot more value for the time you invest in learning our GSatTrack platform.

About the Author
Robin Beesley
Business Development Manager

Robin Beesley has spent over 31 years in the telecommunications and satellite industries, both in the USA and in the UK-his original home. He has worked extensively with customers and partners to help solve challenges and in the new era of ‘everything is connected’, drives growth with large commercial enterprises and government applications.

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