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New Revenue Stream for Satellite Phone & Airtime Resellers

New Revenue Stream for Satellite Phone & Airtime Resellers

If you resell satellite phones and airtime, reselling the SatCollect platform for satellite phones is a worthy consideration for you and your customers.

Value-add Services for your Customer

Simplification: SatCollect simplifies the calling process of dialing to a satellite phone issuing a local number to the satellite phone. Satellite phone users can select one or many local phone numbers in over 50 different countries that will transparently route to their satellite phone.

Cost Savings

When your customer uses their SatCollect-local number, they will avoid the high fees that large carriers charge to connect a caller to a satellite phone. Anyone calling to the satellite phone will no longer be charged for international rates. Password protection is available to prevent unauthorized calls. Money will be saved by routing the calls over the SatCollect global network instead of utilizing traditional phone carrier networks.

Advanced Billing Platform and Cost Control

You’ll receive real-time billing activity reports and can integrate all the satellite-related services onto one bill. SatCollect allows management and control of expenditure through the ability to assign numbers to individuals or groups so usage can be monitored. Such features open various applications for cost savings and airtime billing control regardless of industry.

Raise Your Margins on Inbound Airtime

The best part is that SatCollect will increase your average revenue per user (ARPU) per terminal and includes you on the inbound airtime revenue stream that you are currently missing out on. SatCollect creates a new revenue stream while offering your customers convenience and huge savings. A win-win for both you and your customer!

Easy Set Up

Activation is instant and no special software is required! The service can be easily added to any airtime plan - all major carriers: Iridium, Thuraya, and Inmarsat are supported. Managing phone numbers is quick and simple and there are no contracts. All that is required is the satellite phone number and the local country & area code chosen for the SatCollect number. The service is based on a prepaid or postpaid account that can be cancelled at any time.


SatCollect service has been in operation for over 10 years and continues to grow. Below are a few testimonials showcasing some of the dynamic benefits that SatCollect offers.

SatCollect has proven to be a key added value to our satellite telecommunication products and services. It has been particularly useful to our maritime users who need to stay in touch seamlessly with their land based contacts who do not want to call a regular satellite number for cost reasons. In addition, land based users are praising the service for giving them one single number that can easily be used to call them on domestic and international land lines, or satphones without the calling party needing to track tedious number changes that vary with the user's current location. Finally, as a partner of SatCollect, we appreciate the self-managed aspect of the product that does not increase our administrative workload.
Thierry Watters
SatCollect Partner
MVS is a new user of SatCollect and I have to say we are very pleased with the service and the product. On the service side, it is extremely fast and despite having some very demanding customers, all of them are very happy. We had a couple of requests from customers and were delighted with the fast response we received from you. We are also impressed with the new features that will only enhance our service to our customers. Having tested the product myself, the voice quality is exceptional, obtaining a connection doesn't take long and you don’t even notice the latency. Overall MVS is very happy with the service and the same goes for our customers. As Regional Manager, I am always looking for quality tools to help grow our business and SatCollect is certainly one of them!
Nicolas Emmanouilidis
Regional Manager, MVS

Resellers across the globe are profiting on their added revenue stream, while their customers are enjoying the cost savings, simplifications of using the Satellite phone, and improved management through the advanced billing platform.

Everyone Wins!

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Government Business Development

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