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Over the last 14 years, Global Satellite Engineering Inc. (GSE) has been one of the key players in the Satellite Communications world, by bringing a range of unique, reliable and innovative products as well as services to various industries. Unlike many traditional Satellite Solutions Providers currently in the market, GSE does not focus only on integrating different components to create custom solutions, GSE is also heavily involved in Research and Development in order to invent new hardware, services and features to fulfill arising demands of today’s world of the Internet of Everything (IoE) / Internet of Things (IoT) and associated Machine-To-Machine (M2M) communications.

It has been observed within the last couple of years, how IoT and M2M have been dictating trends in interaction mechanisms among people, businesses and governments on the global arena. GSE has been constantly learning and successfully implementing new practices, technologies and methodologies when working on projects for different industries. We are the first to introduce to the world the smallest L-band fully programmable satellite terminal that can be utilized in any industry, be it a Transportation or Oil & Gas, Personal Tracking or Agriculture, Health Care or Utilities sector. Our goal is to bring the most efficient, comprehensive and affordable solutions that help our customers reduce their operational expenses on one hand, and increase productivity and profitability on the other hand.

Internet of Things

Business Insider's research service called “BI Intelligence” defined that the Enterprise Internet of Things will be the largest of the three main IoT sectors - enterprise, home and government. The Enterprise is expected to be the largest IoT device market: There will be a total of 23.3 billion IoT devices connected by 2019 across all sectors, BI Insider estimates. The enterprise market will account for around 9.1 billion devices of those 23.3 billion devices, making it the largest of the three IoT sectors.

Since its inception, GSE has provided M2M solutions that build relationships and allow businesses and governments to save lives, time and money. Our continued goal of supporting businesses in the satellite communications industry will help foster a healthy IoT market and build growth for years to come.

  • Agriculture
  • Broadcasting
  • Construction
  • Emergency Response
  • Energy
  • Forestry
  • Gas

AgTech has for the past few decades been the focus of a number of NGOs attempting to solve food shortage crises, and for a number of commercial growers, simply trying to increase efficiency with automated processes, flow monitoring, and other advancements that help mitigate the human error quotient.

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The broadcasting industry is certainly no stranger to satellite technology, and is perhaps the bellwether for other commercial sectors with regard to the use of satellites because of its copious supply of test cases that are, by nature, already satellite-enabled.

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The future of construction will require the integration of smart technology all the way to the infrastructure of the buildings, from sensor installations to preconfiguration of structures for end-user smart products.

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In disaster scenarios, communications systems are among the first to fail, meaning fully-redundant satellite communication is at the top of the list of necessary technology for emergency response personnel. The ability to communicate in real time with a central command is often among the leading contributors to successful emergency response coverage.

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The Energy sector is a prime candidate for satellite technologies, including SCADA and other control tools that allow for centralized management of remote assets. When plant employees can interface with assets from a remote location, or from a friendly UI within the facility, there is much greater efficiency to be had at the company level.

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From smart sensor technology and other asset behavior monitoring tools found in AgTech to shipping and transport management, the satellite technologies available to the Forestry sector are primarily geared toward helping this investor haven protect itself from unneccesary loss.

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Because so many portions of Gas operations occur in remote parts of the country where there exists little in the way of infrastructure, managing and controlling assets from a central hub is an invaluable function of a company's technology portfolio.

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  • Heavy Equipment
  • Mining
  • Oil
  • Scientific Research
  • Security
  • Transportation

The IoT technology demands of rental customers will be shifting dramatically as companies seek more accountability, and better asset management strategies. Manufacturers of heavy equipment will need to consider outfitting their units with at least the basic smart technologies that will become the primary differentiator from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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Mining operations exist almost exclusively in regions that lack terrestrial networks, so satellite is very often the only way to have reliable communication and smart technologies. Beyond communication, monitoring operations and sites for environmental factors and topographical changes can provide great intelligence for mining operations that wouldn't be otherwise available.

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Because so many portions of Oil operations occur in remote parts of the country where there exists little in the way of infrastructure, managing and controlling assets from a central hub is an invaluable function of a company's technology portfolio. Indeed, this functionality can even help mediate leaks and spills in pipelines.

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The majority of satellite needs within scientific research present themselves with initiatives involving remote field work or remote data collection. Whether providing communications services to researchers working pole to pole or supporting the transmission of data from remote outposts, L-band technology is ideal for everything shy of live video.

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Security operations stand to gain a great deal from satellite and "Internet of Things" products in the near future, including the capability of shifting a number of initiatives to unmanned or centralized control operations.

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Whether you are in the business of owning and renting hard assets or creating the tools that makes that business more accessible to future players, satellite-enabled technology is almost inevitably going to be part of your product suite.

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