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In many ways, the growth of satellite technology is inextricably linked to the innately human predisposition to explore, traverse, and exert dominion over the vast swath of territories and frontiers beyond our terrestrial reach. Perhaps the greatest peculiarity is that for all of those frontiers, that which is comparatively the least-supported technologically is among the first that we attempted to navigate. Intelligent maritime technologies have catered directly to fleet tracking, location reporting, and communications capability, and have certainly been servicing the industry well. In fact, the satellite industry has essentially achieved its goal of accommodating the communication needs of anyone on the planet who can see the sky from their current location. The next steps are improving the quality of service provided, and scaling up the ubiquity and diversity of those services.

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution is the catalyst for the lion’s share of technological change across nearly every industry and sector. Smart technologies have become so pervasive, in fact, that conversations about singularity have actually left the realms of science fiction. Adding intelligent capabilities to terrestrial and aerospace devices is inherently easier than doing so within the maritime ecosystem, as the latter relies almost exclusively on satellite to support these initiatives. Satellite providers, however, have been responsive to the obvious shifts in demand toward increasing capabilities and lowering the costs of airtime, and as a result, companies can now make plans to expand their offerings to include satellite-leveraged smart technologies within the maritime industry.

The rapid pace of change exposes a number of opportunities within commercial fishing and shipping, as well as leisure, travel, and direct to consumer purveyors. Companies poised to take advantage of these opportunities are those working with engineering teams that understand industry trends, and are actively pursuing innovative approaches to solving market problems. GSE has been working with its in house engineers to deliver technology-forward solutions to its clients for nearly over a decade, and has recently directed a large portion of its efforts to IoT innovations. We have a particularly keen interest in the opportunities available to leverage our existing expertise with telemetry data and telecommunications technology, and are always actively interested in working with you to realize your “ideal world” scenario.

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When making decisions about how to modernize the equipment for these fleets, it is important to consider options that are modular, intelligent, and capable of evolving over time to accommodate the fact that smart technologies are still evolving at a very rapid pace. GSE can help you make decisions that can even turn your fleet into floating revenue streams for very little investment.

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What kind of fun is yachting or cruising if you can't post glorious selfies to Instagram and Facebook while you're laid out on the sundeck in the clear blue waters off the coast of an exotic paradise? With the technology solutions provided by GSE, connectivity anywhere, anytime is always available for your vessel.

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Companies that seek to profit from the leveraged assets of other companies and individuals will find a multitude of opportunities to do so within the Maritime sector in the coming years, as more and more Fleet Management solutions turn vessels into floating data mines. GSE is positioning itself and its partners to be at the forefront of this data expansion, and we are prepared to assist in the deployment of smart fleets and the creation and harvesting of the revenue streams to accompany them.

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