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Leisure Solutions

Make use of the best data to keep onboard tweets happy

The leisure boating sector subdivides into recreational private boating and recreational commercial cruise lines, each of which serving the same marine adventurers. People investing in a leisure boating experience hope to enjoy their time at sea, and for the most part, they want other people to know the exact extent to which that is the case. Satellite communications technology is critically important to helping achieve those goals, and whether you are investing for your personal vessel or for the good of your passengers, understanding the benefits of the available solutions is essential for an industry with no alternative to onboard communications support.

Because marine vessels quickly exit the bounds of terrestrial communication service areas, having access to satellite technology for communication is the only option for boaters that have any intention of being in touch with the shore, emergency services, or other vessels. Satcom capabilities have expanded, however, far beyond providing only the necessary services, and now allow boaters to enjoy much of the connectivity they have on land, including phone, SMS, and low-bandwidth data/internet services.

Leisure boating is expected to see a tremendous increase in commercial activity in the coming years, particularly as on demand services collide with a demographic that will employ sharing services to rent boats and charter party cruises. Just as AirBnB and Turo made it easy for people to earn revenue from their terrestrial assets, a jockeying for position in the marine market will soon result in a new ecosystem. When this happens, owners will need a way to track their vessel while it is at sea, and to communicate with anyone on board. Knowing where that vessel is and what it is doing at all times will allow the owner peace of mind necessary to lease comfortably. Marinas will be able to expand their services to include this kind of coverage as part of their package, further expanding business in the sector.

Satellite Technologies

Satellite technology presents an incredibly irregular set of circumstances for companies in that the costs of maintaining cutting edge equipment and technologies is typically a budget breaker for all non-competitive departments. In many ways, reinvesting in technology is rarely a defensible proposal for most business divisions, who are constantly forced to manage with outdated equipment and inefficient systems. Satellite technology, however, is among the few equipment and facilities categories that gets constant attention, and the reasons for that are manifold.

First, it is quite normal for satellite technologies to have strong ROI, often because they can automate systems and processes that otherwise require extensive man hours and maintenance of existing equipment currently employed to perform the task. These cost savings add up quickly, and can easily justify the budget approval in a matter of a few short years.

Internet Of Things Creates Actionable Data

Additionally, satellite technologies have seen an explosion of growth in the past few decades, and the rate of technological enhancement is accelerating with the commercial sector’s obsession with Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies. The current race to market in almost every commercial sector is the application of satellite-enabled smart devices to business processes in the pursuit of more actionable data, better asset management capabilities, and automation of costly and time-consuming processes. This has created a wealth of opportunity in the public sector to apply some of these technologies to operations that could be more efficient.

Expanded Infrastructure Beyond Traditional Networks

Further expanding the interest in satellite technology is the ability to enable remote operations that were otherwise too costly, too dangerous, or too resource-intensive. Many government agencies are responsible for vast swaths of undeveloped territory where traditional communications infrastructure fails or hasn’t yet been introduced. Satellite’s global presence offers these organizations the ability to perform their operations without their current dependence on terrestrial networks, again making it easier for decision makers to justify budget allocation to technological improvement.

Making smart decisions about which of these technologies is best for your organization can be extraordinarily difficult, especially because of the influx of availability, and the pressure to make allotments only for those enhancements that will have strong ROI. As a technology partner, GSE will work directly with you to outline the opportunities available to achieve your goals, and we always emphasize the use of existing equipment wherever possible, as the majority of our solutions integrate with technology that has been on the market for quite some time.


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