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New Revenue Stream for Satellite Phone & Airtime Resellers

GSE - Thu, 2017-06-08 15:55

If you resell satellite phones and airtime, reselling the SatCollect platform for satellite phones is a worthy consideration for you and your customers.

Value-add Services for your Customer

Simplification: SatCollect simplifies the calling process of dialing to a satellite phone issuing a local number to the satellite phone. Satellite phone users can select one or many local phone numbers in over 50 different countries that will transparently route to their satellite phone.

Cost Savings

When your customer uses their SatCollect-local number, they will avoid the high fees that large carriers charge to connect a caller to a satellite phone. Anyone calling to the satellite phone will no longer be charged for international rates. Password protection is available to prevent unauthorized calls. Money will be saved by routing the calls over the SatCollect global network instead of utilizing traditional phone carrier networks.

Advanced Billing Platform and Cost Control

You’ll receive real-time billing activity reports and can integrate all the satellite-related services onto one bill. SatCollect allows management and control of expenditure through the ability to assign numbers to individuals or groups so usage can be monitored. Such features open various applications for cost savings and airtime billing control regardless of industry.

Raise Your Margins on Inbound Airtime

The best part is that SatCollect will increase your average revenue per user (ARPU) per terminal and includes you on the inbound airtime revenue stream that you are currently missing out on. SatCollect creates a new revenue stream while offering your customers convenience and huge savings. A win-win for both you and your customer!

Easy Set Up

Activation is instant and no special software is required! The service can be easily added to any airtime plan - all major carriers: Iridium, Thuraya, and Inmarsat are supported. Managing phone numbers is quick and simple and there are no contracts. All that is required is the satellite phone number and the local country & area code chosen for the SatCollect number. The service is based on a prepaid or postpaid account that can be cancelled at any time.


SatCollect service has been in operation for over 10 years and continues to grow. Below are a few testimonials showcasing some of the dynamic benefits that SatCollect offers.

SatCollect has proven to be a key added value to our satellite telecommunication products and services. It has been particularly useful to our maritime users who need to stay in touch seamlessly with their land based contacts who do not want to call a regular satellite number for cost reasons. In addition, land based users are praising the service for giving them one single number that can easily be used to call them on domestic and international land lines, or satphones without the calling party needing to track tedious number changes that vary with the user's current location. Finally, as a partner of SatCollect, we appreciate the self-managed aspect of the product that does not increase our administrative workload. Thierry Watters SatCollect Partner MVS is a new user of SatCollect and I have to say we are very pleased with the service and the product. On the service side, it is extremely fast and despite having some very demanding customers, all of them are very happy. We had a couple of requests from customers and were delighted with the fast response we received from you. We are also impressed with the new features that will only enhance our service to our customers. Having tested the product myself, the voice quality is exceptional, obtaining a connection doesn't take long and you don’t even notice the latency. Overall MVS is very happy with the service and the same goes for our customers. As Regional Manager, I am always looking for quality tools to help grow our business and SatCollect is certainly one of them! Nicolas Emmanouilidis Regional Manager, MVS

Resellers across the globe are profiting on their added revenue stream, while their customers are enjoying the cost savings, simplifications of using the Satellite phone, and improved management through the advanced billing platform.

Everyone Wins!

For more details please visit

Balloon Tracking in the Stratosphere

GSE - Thu, 2017-05-18 20:27
About the GSatMicro OEM Terminal

The GSatMicro OEM delivers extremely advanced functionality and several customization options in an astonishingly small package. Every component of the GSatMicro was designed to fit into a dense vertical stack. Utilizing satellite technology, the GSatMicro OEM terminal enables you to develop projects that you may have thought otherwise inaccessible.

The Customer Situation

Space Markt is a small science based team that specializes in launching weather balloons with cameras and scientific instruments into the stratosphere. During these launches, continuous pictures are taken while devices onboard the weather balloon measure scientific data such as pressure, humidity, and microbe sampling. Space Markt needed a way track their balloons while in flight as well as when they landed.

The Challenge

Tracking any device that is used in aeronautics has challenges. In commercial aircraft, cell-based devices can interfere with instrumentation. Satellite solutions have their own challenges as they require clear view of the sky, but when you are dealing with tracking assets in the stratosphere, governmental requirements called cocom limits play a part.

Cocom limits are put in place by governments to prevent the use of consumer GPS from operating or controlling ballistic missiles. To adhere to these cocom limits most GPS devices stop operating above 100,000 feet or if they travel faster than 1000km per hour.

In order to meet Space Markt’s requirements, the tracking device chosen would have to meet the cocom regulations while operating well above 100,000 feet. This meant transmitting data beyond the reach of any cellular network and surviving the extreme environments of altitudes 3 times higher than that of most commercial aircraft.

The Solution

Because of the proven track record of the GSatMicro OEM working with NASA on the LDSD project and other governmental agencies and scientific endeavors, it was chosen as the best device for this use case. While the OEM version could have been built into a new form factor to fit aboard the weather balloons, the extremely rugged handheld integration of the OEM (GSatMicro) was chosen instead.

Even in its handheld version, the GSatMicro is extremely small, weighing under 4 ounces. This meant a very small footprint on the weather balloons, and the case allowed the technology inside to remain waterproof and able to withstand the elements, even at 35,000 meters. Functioning on the Iridium network of satellites, the terminal continued to transmit information far beyond where cell coverage is available while adhering to the governmental cocom limits that were of initial concern.

Finally, with future projects in mind, the GSatMicro has the capability of supporting additional sensors to test humidity, weather, and precipitation. All of these factors provided the perfect solution for our client’s scientific endeavors.

The Result

I’ll let our client sum up the results in their own words:

We use the GSatMicro, as it can tell us where our balloon has landed. In our case, this has been very useful in the past as our balloon has landed in the biggest and most dangerous mountains in the swiss alps, or even the depth of the Australian sea, where there was no chance of receiving any GSM telecommunication service. Using the GSatMicro also allows us to track our payload every 2 minutes at very high altitude, a service that, as far as we know, nobody else is providing. The GSatMicro has a tested battery life, and does not freeze at the altitude of 35,000 meters, where temperatures can reach -70 degrees celsius, hence increasing the success rate on our launches.

We even used the GSatMicro in one of our recent projects to see if there are microbes in the stratosphere which would prove that there is basic life at at 130,000 feet.

We would also like to thank the GSE team for being very cooperative with our team and providing us with the GSatMicro.

Marc Funk, Space Markt

Discover the latest technology in the satcom industry

GSE - Mon, 2017-05-01 12:28

Rapid technological advancements have swelled into a tsunami of change resulting in great shifts within the overall IoT, M2M, and satellite-related industries. Business models and operations are undergoing fast changes, while increasingly revolutionary solutions are becoming available. One cannot help to think about potential opportunities that were previously unattainable as well as nascent possibilities that still escape one’s imagination.

Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) is an engineering firm dedicated to the Research and Development of continually evolving solutions aligned with the rapid advancements of the overall satellite-related industry including the high demands involving the IoT and associated M2M communications industry. GSE has a powerful reputation with all leading Satellite networks and associated manufactures, such as Iridium and Inmarsat, for developing products and solutions laden with special feature capabilities and expanded versatility that are sophisticated, easy to use, and cost effective.

Join Forces with Global Satellite Engineering (GSE)

GSE constantly innovates and fills gaps in the market with cutting edge technologies which include hardware, services, and features, granting the flexibility and versatility necessary for strategic integrations dictated by the requirements of each individual project’s needs. GSE provides direct access to its engineering team, allowing you to join forces with engineers that deliver the latest IoT innovations and satellite technology.

Whether you are an end-user, distributor, reseller, hardware developer, teleport operator, service provider, engineering consultant, value-add partner, or a government civilian or military agency, GSE delivers the latest IoT innovations and satellite technologies accompanied by relevant advanced engineering expertise to help you enable your unique solutions and develop products that were previously unfathomable.

Hardware Integration with the GSatMicro OEM or GSatMicro OEMx

GSE’s GSatMicro Series is a suite of intelligent Iridium satellite terminals (also available in dual mode satellite-GSM) that provide behavior monitoring and management of fixed and mobile assets around the globe. All GSatMicro terminals in the series provide a global communications channel with optional encryption for transmitting and receiving data on-demand whether on land, in the air, or at sea.

The GSatMicro Series terminals are fully programmable and customizable, and are available in handheld form factor or OEM, allowing the creation and modification of scripts – over the air – to expose custom behaviors and transmit data in a format dictated by the customer’s unique needs. The OEM versions are capable of being fully integrated into a customized form factor providing you the building blocks to satellite enable and meet specialized demands of any project imaginable.

Please visit for full details.

Service Integration with GSatTrack

GSE’s proprietary universal tracking & monitoring platform, GSatTrack, is a secure and robust cloud based software platform specifically designed to provide a simple to use and highly scalable platform for diversified industries. GSatTrack consolidates all of your devices under one convenient multilingual portal and allows you to remotely monitor and control your assets from any computer or other browser enabled device with internet access.

GSatTrack allows for a system that works together and operates globally; on land, in the air, and at sea. You can use GSatTrack to monitor individuals, your fleet, your small aircraft, and your vessels using the most appropriate devices determined by your individual projects. For example, you can effectively track and monitor Globalstar Spot, Iridium Extreme 9575, Nal Shout, mobile phones, GSE’s GSatMicro Series, GSE’s MCG-101 Iridium intelligent PBX terminals, Orbcomm IDP devices, CalAmp LMU devices, FlightCell International DZM2 devices, EMA BlueTraker terminals… and so much more… under one convenient multilingual portal.

This kind of innovation positioned GSE’s tracking/monitoring platform, GSatTrack, as the first Inmarsat CAP gold certified tracking application to be used by Inmarsat partners in the enterprise sector. GSatTrack has gained a reputation of sophistication and user friendly interface with feature rich capabilities and customization unlike any other monitoring solution.

Please visit for more details on GSatTrack and other dynamic products developed by GSE.

Go Beyond

GSE welcomes the opportunity to join forces and explore how we can solve challenges or create new opportunities by integrating the latest technology available. Please review our GSE Case Studies to discover how other clients have leveraged GSE technologies and expertise to make their “wants” a reality: Read Case Studies.

Contact us

GSE has the knowledge to guide you toward empowering technology. Having direct access to engineers that deliver the latest IoT innovations and satellite technology is a promising way to assure you uncover insight on your strategic opportunities. Call Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) at 954.459.4000 or email today.

Voice and data gateway unifies mobile communications for power company via satellite

GSE - Wed, 2017-03-29 12:46

About the MCG-101

The MCG-101 was designed to provide the most powerful and versatile Iridium communications system to offices, remote locations, aircraft, and maritime. The system provides an intelligent solution using the Iridium satellite network to operate as a telephone, internet gateway, intelligent GPS device, send/receive SMS, and attach to other devices through RS232 and ethernet.

The Customer Situation

A large utility company based in Michigan needed to update their communications infrastructure to support their service teams around the state. With harsh winter storms routinely knocking out power and telephone lines - as well as much of the state being rural or farmland - these teams first and foremost needed reliable voice communication that would operate everywhere. In the past the utility company would do everything over radio handsets located inside vehicles but with ever changing technology they needed a solution that was more robust and offered more than simple push to talk.

The Challenge

Upgrading technology from simple radio handsets to something more robust created a lot of questions for the utility company on what technology would make the most sense for their needs. They would require a knowledgeable partner who could explain the solutions and potential capabilities and monetary requirements. The utility company doing their own research decided that the best solution for their needs would be provided through satellite technology.

The Solution

Global Satellite Engineering at its core is an engineering firm that consistently looks at technology in telecommunications and telemetry markets and how we can improve upon that technology. Many of our partners produce things like satellite docking stations that can be attached to external antennas or satellite phones that can be used in the field but if we truly wanted to offer a communications solution for the utility company based on their feedback we needed to administer a solution that fulfilled their mobile voice and data needs. This made our own MCG-101 intelligent satellite terminal the right solution for the utility company.

The MCG-101 working on the Iridium satellite constellation met the first requirement of the utility company by providing a solution that works anywhere in any environment with pole-to-pole coverage. The MCG-101 unit, which is also incredibly small, still had a TNC connector allowing the utility company to affix whichever external antenna they required. This meant they could transmit from a service truck or set up a mobile office if needed.

While the MCG-101 offered voice over a traditional handset it also has a mobile app which allowed for the utility companies workers to connect multiple cell phones directly to the device through bluetooth technology. This meant workers in the field could connect their cell phones to a satellite connection regardless of whether there was cellular connectivity or not. The MCG-101 also employed standard analog SIP technology which allowed calls to be routed and control caller interfaces. The MCG-101 also employs ASIC echo cancellation for improved audio call quality. This was a huge upgrade over the older radio handsets the utility company was accustomed to using.

In addition to the telephone aspects of the MCG-101, it also has data and tracking capabilities. This allowed the service teams of the utility company to connect their laptops and computers to the MCG-101 either through WiFi or USB to send documents and emails over the Iridium satellite network. This feature alone created even more viability as a communication solution than any docking station or their old handheld radio units. Finally, the MCG-101 also has tracking capabilities. With Michigan being prone to harsh blizzards where trucks can be lost this gave another way for the utility company to monitor the safety of their service teams and where they were located during storms.

The Result

Working with the utility company, GSE was able to suggest and furnish the right hardware to meet their communications needs. By the using the MCG-101, service teams now could relay back to the office using their cell phones regardless of coverage. This meant that the utility companies did not have to train their service teams on new technology. Their service teams could use technology they were already familiar with. The calls that were normally difficult to hear over radio technology were now crystal clear using the MCG-101 unit. The service teams were also able to tap into the data services provisioned through the MCG-101 units. This allowed the service teams to utilize email and stay on top of new information transmitted from other offices. Finally the tracking ability of the MCG-101 units allowed the service teams to operate with less risk as their location was able to be transmitted regardless of how the weather outside was affecting them.

What began as a challenge to upgrade voice communication hardware for the utility company turned into a complete communications solution. This solution now provided the means for the utility company and its service teams to communicate and work anywhere at anytime in any environment. In the end this allowed the utility company to furnish better service and return service faster to their clients.


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We understand there are problems that can not be solved by a product-in-a-box. If you have special requirements for your project, please contact us and we will provide you with a custom solution tailor-fit to your needs.