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Intelligent Satellite Terminal

An intelligent PBX solution using Iridium to operate as a telephone, Internet portal, GPS device and SMS terminal.

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The MCG-101 was designed to provide the most powerful and versatile Iridium communications system to offices, remote locations, aircraft, and maritime. The system provides an intelligent solution using the Iridium satellite network to operate as a telephone, internet gateway, intelligent GPS device, send/receive SMS, and attach to other devices through RS232 and ethernet.

The MCG-101 was designed using 100% digital technology. This enables the system to provide clear, true to life audio, and eliminates any internal echo problems. For external interface portions of the system, such an analog POTS telephone, echo cancellation is performed by a hardware echo canceler.

Overall, the MCG-101 is the ultimate Iridium telecommunications system available to fulfill the needs and demands of today’s business, marine, and military needs.

How it works?

The MCG-101 is a wall mounted satellite terminal that contains the Iridium satellite modem. The terminal contains an internal SIM card that must be installed properly for the system to function normally. The MCG-101 also has an exposed TNC connector for attaching the required external antenna. The status of the entire system can be monitored through an attached computer or through an optional DPL handset.


You can connect any standard analog telephone directly to the MCG-101 and start using the Iridium network. All of your calls are digitally processed for the best quality.

GPS Tracking

The MCG-101 contains an embedded GPS receiver for GPS tracking, with 20 channels, -159dbm sensitivity, and a 2 meter accuracy. Best of all, the GPS receiver shares a single antenna with the Iridium modem, so installation is simple.


Connecting your computer to the Internet is as simple as plugging it in. Just connect your computer and go online, and the MCG-101 will automatically connect to the Internet for you. You can also configure the MCG-101 via the ethernet port.


Connect via wifi to enable phone calls directly from your mobile phone.


USB port for expansion to connect external peripherals.

SIM Card

The MCG-101 has an external SIM card slot which makes installing or changing the SIM card fast and simple.

Voice Capabilities

Connect any standard analog telephone or any SIP capable phone to the MCG-101 and you can start making phone calls. Digital audio processing and ASIC echo cancellation give you the best audio quality, and with Iridium, you can call from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

Data Capabilities

  • Connect to the Internet at 2.4K
  • Connect to RUDICS for custom applications
  • Short Burst Data for small messages
  • Ethernet for automatic dialup
  • Serial port for legacy modems or applications


The MCG-101 is a fully capable processing platform that can be easily configured for custom call routing, data applications, and special projects. The system features a full PBX that can run an entire office, and run custom software as well. An SDK is available allowing you to develop your own solutions for complex projects. By using the MCG-101 as a standard platform, the development time is shortened, allowing you to deliver finished solutions to your customers fast.

MCG-101/Aurora vs Beam

Capability MCG101/Aurora Beam RST-100 Beam Oceana Sailor SC4000 Sky Connect MARINE
IP Voice/SIP
SMS Limited to Iridium DPL Handset Limited to connected handset Via PC connection and software Limited to connected handset
Simple cabling/power installation
Voice , including mobile phones Only handset or analog Only handset or analog Only handset or analog Only handset or analog
Tracking Additional kit to purchase Additional kit to purchase
Mobile Apps
Email Additional setup required Additional setup required Additional setup required Additional setup required
Crew Email
Data , Ethernet or WiFi (easy, no drivers) USB or RS232 (complex drivers, only windows support) USB or RS232 (complex drivers, only windows support) Only RS232 Only RS232
NMEA Repeater
Crew Calling
Built in antennas for Aurora
Local calling of extensions
Call Forwarding
Call Waiting
Call Detail Records
Dial By Name

MCG-101: Intelligent Satellite Terminal
MCG-101: Angled Back View
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    • Authentication
    • Automated Attendant
    • Blacklists
    • Blind Transfer
    • Call Detail Records
    • Call Forward on Busy
    • Call Forward on No Answer
    • Call Forward Variable
    • Call Monitoring
    • Call Parking
    • Call Queuing
    • Call Retrieval
    • Call Routing (DID & ANI)
    • Call Snooping
    • Call Transfer
    • Call Waiting
    • Conference Bridging
    • Database Store/Retrieve
    • Database Integration
    • Dial by Name
    • Direct Inward System Access
    • Distinctive Ring
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Flexible Extension Logic
    • Graphical Call Manager
    • Interactive Directory Listing
    • Local and Remote Call Agents
    • Macros
    • Overhead Paging
    • Predictive Dialer
    • Privacy
    • Protocol Conversion
    • Remote Call Pickup
    • Remote Office Support
    • Roaming Extensions
    • Supervised Transfer
    • Talk Detection
    • Three-way Calling
    • Transcoding
    • Voice mail
    • Visual Indicator for Message Waiting
    • Stutter Dial tone for Message Waiting
    • Voice mail to email
    • Voice mail Groups
    • Web Voice mail Interface

    Size & Weight

    External Dimensions: 1.18" x 4.25" x 6.1" (30mm x 108mm x 155mm)
    Weight: 2 lbs (0.907185 kg)


    DC Input Voltage: 12V@ 1.5A
    Power requirements: 18 watts

    ESD Standards

    Iridium 9523: Human Body Model 2kV and Machine Model 200V ESD protection.
    GPS port: ESD sensitive port only when antenna not connected.
    2x WiFi ports: ESD sensitive port only when antenna not connected.
    Ethernet, USB, FXS: TBD


    Have any questions?

    We understand there are problems that can not be solved by a product-in-a-box. If you have special requirements for your project, please contact us and we will provide you with a custom solution tailor-fit to your needs.