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We use the GSatMicro, as it can tell us where our balloon has landed. In our case, this has been very useful in the past as our balloon has landed in the biggest and most dangerous mountains in the swiss alps, or even the depth of the Australian sea, where there was no chance of receiving any GSM telecommunication service. Using the GSatMicro also allows us to track our payload every 2 minutes at very high altitude, a service that, as far as we know, nobody else is providing. The GSatMicro has a tested battery life, and does not freeze at the altitude of 35,000 meters, where temperatures can reach -70 degrees celsius, hence increasing the success rate on our launches. We even used the GSatMicro in one of our recent projects to see if there are microbes in the stratosphere which would prove that there is basic life at at 130,000 feet. We would also like to thank the GSE team for being very cooperative with our team and providing us with the GSatMicro.
Marc Funk
I received nothing but the highest caliber of technical expertise and assistance. We continue to be impressed with the innovative satellite hardware and service solutions that Global Satellite Engineering consistently delivers to the marketplace. The customer satisfaction with the SatCollect experience is excellent. The service does what it says it will do and has proven to be an effective and dependable means of reaching our customers.
Mark Freeberg
The MCG-101 is by far the most significant dynamic and comprehensive all-in-one voice and data solution to provide communication in case of a disaster. There is nothing else like it on the market at such a competitive price. My client’s primary reason for installing the MCG-101 is for voice applications. The fact that there are data and GPS functionality as well is an added bonus.
David Lipton
SatCollect has proven to be a key added value to our satellite telecommunication products and services. It has been particularly useful to our maritime users who need to stay in touch seamlessly with their land based contacts who do not want to call a regular satellite number for cost reasons. In addition, land based users are praising the service for giving them one single number that can easily be used to call them on domestic and international land lines, or satphones without the calling party needing to track tedious number changes that vary with the user's current location. Finally, as a partner of SatCollect, we appreciate the self-managed aspect of the product that does not increase our administrative workload.
Thierry Watters
SatCollect Partner
MVS is a new user of SatCollect and I have to say we are very pleased with the service and the product. On the service side, it is extremely fast and despite having some very demanding customers, all of them are very happy. We had a couple of requests from customers and were delighted with the fast response we received from you. We are also impressed with the new features that will only enhance our service to our customers. Having tested the product myself, the voice quality is exceptional, obtaining a connection doesn't take long and you don’t even notice the latency. Overall MVS is very happy with the service and the same goes for our customers. As Regional Manager, I am always looking for quality tools to help grow our business and SatCollect is certainly one of them!
Nicolas Emmanouilidis
Regional Manager, MVS

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