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GSE Automotive 3-Band Antenna 

Automotive Tri-Band Antenna

Perfect for use with the MCG-101

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The GSE Automotive 3-Band Antenna is an Iridium certified antenna, intended for land/mobile applications for the purpose of supporting voice and data communication systems. Mounted antennas provide additional clarity and connection integrity for vehicular systems because of their positioning atop the vehicle where a direct line of sight with satellites is available.

The GSE Automotive 3-Band Antenna is device-agnostic, and works with a number of Iridium terminals, including the MCG-101, an intelligent PBX solution that operates as a telephone, Internet portal, GPS device and SMS terminal. Solutions involving the MCG range from emergency, remote, and redundant communications infrastructure to fully customized M2M, SCADA, and Edge Computing applications that leverage the terminal’s SDK and programmability.


3-band (Iridium - GSM - GPS)

The GSE Automotive 3-Band Antenna is a three-band antenna supporting Iridium, GSM, and GPS, which makes it the perfect choice for users looking for a product that can support hybrid connectivity demands. The ability to move between service connections based on availability lends to continuous connectivity with little disruption, which is ideal for vehicles that regularly move into and out of traditional service area(s).

Magnetic Mount

The GSE Automotive 3-Band Antenna comes with a magnetic mounting kit, which positions it to be a portable solution for vehicle applications, allowing for easy transfer between equipment if necessary. The portability afforded by the magnetic mount also makes it ideal for other vessels and structures that require temporary use.

VHB Mount

For fixed-asset use, the GSE Automotive 3-Band Antenna also has a VHB mounting option, allowing users to semi-permanently affix the antenna to the asset. Most VHB applications are those for which the terminal is also more often permanently installed in the asset.

Long Cable

The GSE Automotive 3-Band Antenna's long (6-foot) cable supports nearly all vehicular installations, and has the ability to accommodate an extension for non-standard mounting needs.

Compact Size

At only 3.2 inches in diameter, the GSE Automotive 3-Band Antenna will fit in or on nearly any surface of any vehicle or vessel to which it needs to be mounted. The compact size makes for greater portability as well, allowing users to move it from asset to asset with ease.

Weather Sealed

Seals protect the contents of the antenna casing from weather damage.

GSE Automotive 3-Band Antenna
Powered by the Iridium network
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Height Without Adhesive: 0.57" (14.5mm)
Height With Adhesive: 0.637" (16.2 mm)
Width: 3.212" (81.6 mm)
Cable Length: 6.561" (2 meters)


Ground Plane: 1 square meter minimum

Iridium Antenna Specifications

Connector: SMA
Label: Iridium
Label Color: Black
Frequency: 1616 - 1626.5 MHz
Cable: RG-174/U
Cable Length: 2 meters

GPS Antenna Specifications

Connector: SMA
Label: GPS
Label Color: Blue
Frequency: 1575.42 MHz
LNA: Yes
Cable: RG-174/U
Cable Length: 2 meters

GSM Antenna Specifications

Connector: SMA
Label: GSM
Label Color: Purple
Frequency: 698-960 Mhz

1710-2690 Mhz
Cable: RG-174/U
Cable Length: 2 meters


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