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Iridium Satellite Location Map Tool 

How to use this tool

This tool allows you to monitor the Iridium satellite network and determine which satellite is closest to your location. There are 2 methods to determine your location:

OPTION 1: Web based location

Your location is based on the IP address assigned to you when you browse the internet. By viewing this page with a web browser and allowing geolocation information to be obtained, you can see your current location and the Iridium satellite network coverage area in real-time. A satellite with a green tinted area coverage circle represents the nearest satellite to your location. If you do not see your location on the map, then you have geolocation services deactivated in your browser settings. You may still view the Iridium network, even with disabled geolocation services.


When the GSatMicro is reporting data to GSatTrack (, it will include its current geolocation obtained through the Global Positioning System and relay it to the tracking platform. When you log into your account, you will see the last reported position of the GSatMicro and the Iridium satellite network coverage area in real-time (if you have the "Iridium Satellites" layer selected).

Iridium NEXT Satellite Constellation Tracking

 Iridium Satellite Closest to your location (green)
 Iridium NEXT Satellite - Moving into orbit (red)
 Iridium NEXT Satellite - Final orbit (orange)

About Iridium NEXT

NOTE: Your browser may zoom in too far if you enable 'browser geolocation'; if this happens, zoom out to see the Iridium NEXT constellation as it orbits the earth.

NOTE: This map will continue to update as new Iridium NEXT satellites are launched into orbit.

Safari users may view it here: View in full window

Learn more about Iridium NEXT

Iridium NEXT: A Platform for Powerful Capabilities
Iridium NEXT: low-orbit telecommunications constellation

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