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Satellite and GSM Tracking For Heavy Equipment from Global Satellite Engineering

Fort Lauderdale, Global Satellite Engineering (GSE), the satellite engineering solutions provider, is pleased to announce the launch of its turn-key tracking solution – GSatTrack that provides web-based GPS tracking via GSM or satellite or both simultaneously to help heavy Equipment Managers save money and be more efficient without purchasing any additional hardware or software.

Commenting on the new tracking system, Jeff Palmer, Director of GSE said, “Having listened to our customers, we are excited about offering a GSM and satellite tracking solution that will enable our Equipment Managers to easily monitor active and idle heavy equipment in real time anywhere in the world. Unlike other heavy equipment tracking systems on the market, GSatTrack allows full integration with other satellite and GSM hardware such as EMS Satcom, Falcom, Skywave, Quake Global and Nal Research. This means that an entire fleet of different equipment can now be monitored by a variety of hardware and brought together under one location and displayed in a single unified interface”.

GSatTrack is also multi-platform, multilingual and compatible with modern web browsers. There is a simple monthly license per asset. Reports can be via email or SMS and programmed to be sent at specific times/intervals.

The new GSatTrack can help Equipment Managers with a plethora of tasks, including:-

  • Automatically track and store vehicle activity when not in use
  • See when/where vehicles started-up, drove, idled and stopped
  • Monitor time spent at jobsites to the minute
  • Set Maximum Speed Limit Alerts
  • Schedule preventative maintenance reminders
  • Reduce overtime and increase billable hours
  • Resolve customer billing disputes
  • Stop unauthorized vehicle use
  • Stop joy-riding, excessive idling and sleeping in vehicles
  • Analyze and improve routes
  • Dramatically reduce response times
  • Be instantly notified of theft or misuse
  • Be alerted when vehicles arrive or depart home/office/jobsite
  • Reward productive employees while encouraging others to excel
  • Recognize safe drivers and stop reckless driving
About Global Satellite Engineering

Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) was established in 2004 to provide engineering solutions for the satellite industry. Over the years, GSE has built up a reputation second to none with solutions being deployed for the military, disaster recovery, marine and mining environments, with accreditation from the world’s satellite provider – Iridium. All GSE products are manufactured in the United States at their headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

More Information

For general inquiries, please contact For more technical information, please contact You may also call us at +1.954.459.4000


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