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GSatTrack to PowerBI: Visualizing Data

Data Visualization: GSatTrack and PowerBI In the Remote Data Ecosystems Series, we discussed the idea that data operations involve gathering, moving, transforming, and delivering. In the final article, we mentioned the multitudinous options available for delivering data, displaying data, and working with it in a UI. PowerBI is one of those many options, and whether you use GSatTrack's API to get your data into PowerBI or not, you can also use...

Data Science: Correlation and Causation

Why does correlation not always imply causation? Data science is absolutely a trending buzzword, and it combines multiple fields, including statistics, scientific methods, and artificial intelligence with the goal of extracting an explanation from data. Analysis and/or visualization, however, may not always be a good storyteller. This article discusses one of the most common fallacies that occurs while analyzing data: inference of a causal...

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