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Why aren't my commands working for an older/original GSatMicro?


Our GSatMicro product has gone through many software iterations (as outlined in the wiki documentation). Newer GSatMicros communicate using an extremely efficient binary format that includes authentication and (optionally) encryption, ensuring reduced airtime costs while retaining information security.

However, older GSatMicros communicated using plain-text Lua commands. Our GSatTrack tracking platform automatically translates your commands, such as parameter updates, into the correct format for transmission to the GSatMicro. But in the case of very old GSatMicros (pre-version 1), even the Lua commands may not be working. If this is the case, you can issue correct commands manually by going to Send Command > Raw Commands on the tracking platform. The format for pre-version 1 Lua commands are only slightly different than the ones outlined in the documentation. Instead of specifying parameters using "settings.<parameter>" you simply use the <parameter> name in quotes.

Example commands:
Version 1: settings.flash(settings.sleep, 300)
Pre-Version 1: settings.flash("sleep", 300)

Version 1: settings.flash(settings.sos_sleep, 300)
Pre-Version 1: settings.flash("sos_sleep", 300)

As always, if you encounter any trouble working with your GSatMicro, simply contact us for assistance.


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