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KB000906 - Will GSatTrack function while in flight and in airplane mode?
KB000784 - With regards to the Iridium GO working on GSatTrack, is the incoming data coming from SMS messaging or SBD data (e-mail)?
KB000776 - How can I retrieve the GUID for my tracking account?
KB000770 - Where do I find ipc inbound and outbound instructions for the SBD relay function on GSatTrack?
KB000769 - Is it mandatory that we meet the requirements listed in your partnership application in order to start a partnership with you?
KB000759 - I openned up one of the Geofences and wanted to send a message only to find that the functions "Send Message", "History Replay", "Group Assets" and "Asset Location Report" were greyed out. Why are these functions disabled?
KB000741 - How do I disable my browser's current position location (You) in GSatTrack?
KB000705 - Is the connection between the terminals and the GSatTrack platform also encrypted if so what kind of encryption?
KB000704 - What type of security is applied to the GSatTrack Tracking platform? What kind of security certification does it carry?
KB000345 - My GSatTrack mobile app is not reporting in the background, even with GPS and data.



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