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Does the GSatMicro come with a battery charging and configuration cable?


Yes. Once you’ve removed the GSatMicro from its box, underneath you will find the charging and configuration cable. It may look like a standard charging cable for an M2M device with its black matte finish and 3 end split with over mold, but it's much more. On one end, you’ll notice a well-founded “GSatMicro” print on it with a white arrow facing down which will go into the GSatMicro’s charging port, that is located under the black rubber cap up top of the GSatMicro. On the other side of the cable end, you’ll see the GSE logo over mold, which divides that end to a USB port, RS232, and DC Power & I/O.

Full details can be found here under an article: “What Comes in the Box”:

The GSatMcro can rest on the shelf for years without needing to be charged. For self-powered operation, or operation on USB, an optional 2500 mAh LiPo battery pack can be added. This battery pack was custom designed with special LiPo materials to achieve a 20% increase in battery density. Also, the size was custom built to fit within the outline of the GSatMicro board for an efficient stackable design.

Power and Battery Power Connections: USB DC Input (4.5V to 5.5V)
High Voltage DC Input (7.5V to 36V) (protected to 40V DC)
Battery Type: Internal LiPo 2500mAh with PTC
Battery Charge Time USB: 4-6 hours
Battery Charge Time DC: 2-3 hours


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