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What is the GSatMicro-DoD


The GSatMicro-DoD is specifically for your government customers that wish to leverage the Iridium Airtime contract and advanced services provided by a government program called Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS).

EMSS is a capability provided by the DOD that features global data transfer and securable voice communications. The service allows real-time access to other EMSS users, the Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU) Voice and commercial U.S. and international telephone networks through the Iridium satellite network.

Global Satellite Engineering (GSE) is an approved EMSS Partner and all of our hardware which includes the GSatMicro Series, MCG-101, and Aurora are approved to function on the Departement of Defense Gateway. Some of the requirements of becoming an EMSS partner include current status as an Iridium Certified partner/developer, and that our products are made in the USA. In addition, GSE performs the necessary flashing of the Iridium modem within the GSatMicro which is a requirement to function on the DoD Gateway. The Iridium Airtime contract under the EMSS program offers the Government Mission Partners unlimited fixed-price usage. Airtime rates are fixed and will not increase based on usage, number of devices or subscribers added to the EMSS gateway, making approved products all that more attractive to the EMSS mission partners.

Note that our MCG-101 requires a SIM card to function and that it accepts the EMSS issued SIM card allowing it to function on the DoD Gateway. More information on the MCG-101 can be found here:

More on the Aurora:


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