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Remote Data Ecosystems: Introduction

Your Remote Data Experts We’ve developed complex and customized satellite-based communications solutions at GSE for nearly two decades, and so many of our customers have appreciated the way in which we explain the pillars of a data ecosystem to them. It seems like it makes sense to share that with everyone, so that you have the tools to explain your needs and understand your capabilities. This short article series will address each of the...

GSE as a Solution Partner

Meeting the Demands of the Remote: GSE's Satellite Connectivity Solutions As the world becomes more connected, the challenges of remaining in touch, even in the most remote corners of the globe, continue to shift and evolve. Enterprises that rely on consistent tracking for their off-grid assets—whether they're vehicles, machinery, boats, or people—need solutions that can adapt to that ever-changing connectivity landscape. GSE has been...

24-hour Alerts with GSatRancher

Some things can't wait. When you need to know right now, you need GSatRancher with GSatTrack. GSatTrack can filter the most important messages from your cows and send you a text any time of day. Work Smarter Let GSatTrack watch your GSatRancher data for you, and tell you what you want to know, when you want to know it. Imagine being able to monitor your entire herd and respond to emergencies as soon as they happen without having to sit in front...

GSatRancher for Faster Roundup

Save Time and Money. Make a Plan. Gathering the herd or finding specific animals has never been easy, but what if you knew where they were before you saddle up or start the truck? Real World Scenarios How GSatRancher Tracking Saves Time and Money Roundup. Gathering. Mustering. Whatever you call it, it’s one of the single largest sources of cost expenditure in a rancher’s annual budget, and the worst part of it is that most of the cost ...

Loss Prevention with GSatRancher

Some Things Can't Wait. Theft and Disease can be Devastating. Recovering or preventing loss of stock requires round-the-clock awareness. Theft Deterrence People are less likely to steal animals with GPS tracking devices attached to them. More often than not, theft, and particularly theft of livestock, is a crime of opportunity. Unsecured assets are twice as likely to be stolen than their secured counterparts, even when the deterrent is...

Land Usage Optimization with GSatRancher

Use Land More Efficiently Critical Insights from Movement History Knowing where they are tells you a lot. Knowing where they’ve been could tell you even more. Water Supply Management Get Alerts for too much or too little water supply activity Water supply related data is some of the most important information that can be made available by tracking with GSatRancher units. Knowing whether animals are spending too much time near a water...

GSatRancher Drives Higher Revenues

Premium Customers Demand More. Organic. Grass-fed. Free-range. Individual Animal Traceabilty is the Future of Higher Bottom Lines. Premium Certifications Increase Revenue In the retail beef market, USDA Organic and other certifications command premium pricing with staggering markups. Prior to the existence of the GSatRancher for individual animal tracking, there was no viable option available to prove producers’ claims that their...

GSatRancher with Your Tools

Your Data. Your Tools. Power BI? AgriWebb? No Problem. Use GSatRancher with Whatever is Best for Your Operation Working With You Add GSatRancher data to tools you already use GSatTrack is an excellent tool, but asking ranchers who have already invested in a livestock management system, done the setup of an entire ecosystem, and gotten familiar with the interface to just learn something new for a new source of data is not the definition of ...

Growing Business in Satellite

Growing business in the satellite industry can be an incredibly daunting challenge. For most, it means either racing other companies to capitalize on better hardware opportunities, competing in a globally open software provider market, or generally existing with the goal of expansion when the primary market (people and places that lack reliable communications) shrinks with every new 5G tower, fiber line, and infrastructure project. This industry ...

Preventing the Death of Livestock

Serious Business This is not a sales blog. We do not have any interest in leveraging the death of some 2,000 animals for commercial gain. It is our hope that by the end of this article, existing GSatRancher customers will be interested in participating in a free opt-in program that will allow their data to be used anonymously in conjunction with other customers' data to solve an industry-wide problem that could cost all livestock owners billions ...



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