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Attachments are Expensive. GSatSolar is not.


Asset Mismanagement in Road Construction: The High Cost of Lost Attachments

In the road construction industry, managing attachments like milling heads, cold planers, compactors, and pavers is fraught with challenges, particularly when these costly components are frequently detached and left on worksites. The lack of a reliable tracking system often results in misplaced attachments, leading to significant financial losses, especially when these assets, worth tens of thousands of dollars, get lost or stolen. For rental companies supplying these high-value attachments to contractors, the absence of a tracking mechanism exacerbates the risk of losing these assets, adding a considerable burden to their operations.

Revolutionizing Attachment Tracking in Road Construction with GSatSolar

The GSatSolar device offers a groundbreaking solution for the road construction industry, allowing for precise tracking of attachments across sprawling worksites. By mounting a GSatSolar unit on each attachment, rental companies and contractors can monitor their exact location in real-time, utilizing Globalstar’s satellite network to ensure connectivity even in remote or underdeveloped areas. This continuous tracking capability not only prevents loss but also aids in efficient deployment and retrieval of attachments, enhancing operational logistics and asset utilization.

Securing Investments and Streamlining Operations with Enhanced Tracking

Implementing GSatSolar tracking technology in road construction delivers substantial value by mitigating the risk of losing expensive equipment and improving operational efficiency. The ability to track and manage attachments in real time ensures that these valuable assets are fully utilized and protected, thereby safeguarding the financial investment and reducing unnecessary expenditure on replacing lost items. For rental companies, this translates to enhanced service reliability and customer trust, while contractors benefit from streamlined operations and reduced downtime, culminating in a more profitable and efficient project execution.


More About the GSatSolar

GSatSolar devices are the perfect combination of an easy to use tracking device, industry-best powerful tracking software, and the reliability of satellite infrastructure in off-grid locations. Together, these forces make the GSatSolar ideal for outdoor tracking of anything with four wheels or four legs, or the perfect option for a multitude of IoT and remote status reporting applications.

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