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GSatTrack Follows Nereida Around the World

Sailing Solo

Jeanne Socrates became the oldest woman to complete a nonstop, solo circumnavigation of the world in July of 2013, sailing her monohull Najad 380 from Victoria, BC some 25,000 nautical miles over the course of approximately 9 months, earning her a spot in the Guiness World Records.

As any true adventurer will tell you, her first would not be her last, and she is in the process of completing the voyage yet again. Leaving port in October of 2018, S/V Nereida has made it back to the waters off the coast of Tasmania (as of 01 May, 2019), looking for smooth sailing for the final leg of the journey.

Tracking the Journey

Jeanne has enlisted the help of telematics services to track her voyage, including Shiptrak and GSatTrack, which follow her every step of the way and provide real-time updates on her location, speed, and heading. Friends and family can visit the link at any time and check on her status, so they’ll always now where she is and how she’s doing.

Tracking services can be as much about logging and reporting for business and legal purposes as they are about providing peace of mind, safety, and support. Because Jeanne has chosen to include a tracking package with public visibility, she retains the ability to update loved ones, sponsors, and fans while simultaneously logging a perfect record for use with, for example, Guiness. The ability to summon help to her pinpoint location is also a boon that she’ll ideally never need to employ, but one that satellite communications and tracking services have been providing to the marine market for decades.

About GSatTrack for Adventurers

GSatTrack has such a vast assortment of commercial and public sector applications that we hardly get the chance to highlight some of the personal uses for the service. Adventurers like Jeanne love being able to back up and look at their spaghetti maps. I know this because I’m also an adventurer, and looking at the map of my travels is immensely satisfying to me as well.

Whether a road tripper, nautical navigator, hiker, or biker, being able to record your treks is both rewarding and useful. As we continue to develop GSatTrack and leverage our technology with partner applications, one of my prerogatives as a product manager is focusing more on building to accommodate the adventure market. If you’re a fellow adventurer, and you have some ideas that you’d like to see from a product designed for us, I’d love to hear from you.

As it is, GSatTrack is already an excellent solution for adventure tracking, and it has served me well over the last 100,000 miles of road travel. Be sure to watch for the next blog on this topic for more information about that development, and if you’re interested in participating in a user forum, please email us.

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