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GSE Culture Blog: Spotlight on Abby Kennedy


At Global Satellite Engineering, we are a close-knit group of people who act more like a family than a collection of coworkers. Abby Kennedy is our cheerleader; the person we can rely on to bring our spirits up. From our newest hires to veteran leadership, she makes sure every single one of us is involved in discussion and included in group activities. Her infectious energy makes everyone feel like a part of the group in a way that makes each one of us appreciate each other’s unique character and qualities.

My first Abby experience was over a video call at a group conference. She immediately made me feel comfortable with everyone, and had me laughing and joking along with the team despite never having met them before. She has the innate ability to make people feel as though they’ve known each other for a long period of time on the first interaction. A few months later, I met her in person and she was the same bubbly, welcoming woman I was introduced to over the phone.

Abby takes charge of our government business development, and uses the same welcoming kindness to build those important relationships. Over the years, she noticed that cold-calls and giving run-around information just wasn’t doing it; upfront communication and building relationships with her clients was the best way to understand their needs. Once you understand needs, she says, you can suggest the correct solution for any client instead of shooting in the dark.

Abby’s whole career has been based on developing relationships and securing government business. Over the years, she refined her expertise in government business development, and in 2016, she brought that knowledge and talent to GSE. Through her work on government relationships, Abby aided us in pinpointing and pursuing one of our main customer bases. For almost 4 years, she has been the contact point for government communications, applying that same listen and learn level of personal interaction.

One can’t have a complete picture of Abby Kennedy without knowing about her at-home zoo. GSE is well known for loving our dogs and involving them in our lives, and Abby takes that animal love to another level. Her welcoming and warm persona doesn’t stop with people; it extends throughout the animal kingdom as well. She has been able to rescue a tea-cup chihuahua from an 8-lane highway, and a baby squirrel she mistakenly didn’t release quickly enough, who now lives with her full-time.

Abby’s Amazing Menagerie
  • 2 dogs
  • 2 ferrets
  • 2 bearded dragons
  • 1 uromastyx lizard
  • 3 turtles
  • 3 goldfish
  • 1 blood-red parrot cichlid
  • 1 squirrel

Abby is always looking for opportunities to make new connections and build new relationships, which makes her a perfect compliment to our team of more introverted engineer-types. We are a special collection of people at GSE, and each one of us makes our constellation that much brighter. Abby’s expertise also brings a seasoned perspective to our products and services that ensures our partners’ success with the pursuit of government contracts. We encourage you to reach out to Abby anytime.

About the Author
Sarah Jones
Social Media Manager

Sarah joined GSE in 2020 to provide support for marketing and Social Media operations. A digital native, Sarah's passion is connecting with people digitally and in person. Her favorite SatCom markets are in the marine, adventure, and leisure industries.

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