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The Heart of Our Company: Melding Workplace Culture and Innovation


At GSE, we recognize that the essence of our competitive edge lies in the symbiotic relationship between our workplace culture and our commitment to innovation. This post will unpack the layers that constitute our culture and demonstrate how they feed into our innovative efforts, creating a unique ecosystem where people and ideas can flourish.

Core Values: The Intersection of Culture and Innovation

Our core values—Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, Respect, and Excellence—aren't just buzzwords. They are deeply ingrained principles that guide every aspect of our business. From approaching problem-solving to interacting with clients and stakeholders, these values are the compass that navigates our team's actions and decisions. They also fuel our drive for innovation, continually pushing us to seek better solutions and improve our processes and offerings.

Work-Life Balance: Flexibility as a Catalyst for Innovation

A balanced life leads to a balanced mind, which can produce innovative ideas. Our policies around flexible working hours, remote work options, and generous vacation time are designed to offer the flexibility needed for creative thinking. This approach has led to increased team member satisfaction and a hotbed of ideas that benefit our company as a whole.

Diversity and Inclusion: A Spectrum of Ideas

At GSE, diversity isn't just about fulfilling quotas or ticking boxes. We see it as a robust strategy for business growth. A diverse workforce brings a variety of perspectives, approaches, and problem-solving skills that are invaluable in driving innovation. We focus on creating an inclusive environment through equitable recruitment practices, comprehensive onboarding that includes diversity training, ongoing educational workshops, and open channels for dialogue and feedback.

Talent Incubation: Training the Next Generation of Innovators

We are committed to our team members' professional growth, understanding that our innovation's future lies in the hands of our talent today. Through various mentorship programs, in-house training, and partnerships with educational institutions, we provide a multitude of avenues for our team to acquire new skills and knowledge, which can be applied to innovative projects and solutions.

Talent Acquisition: Hiring for Innovation

We look beyond qualifications and experience to consider a candidate’s innovative potential in our hiring process. Our interview questions are designed to gauge problem-solving abilities, creativity, and adaptability. This helps us assemble a team capable of doing today's job and driving our company's innovation tomorrow.

Nurturing Innovation: Internal Incubators

To stay ahead in a fast-paced industry, we’ve set up an internal incubator—a safe space for team members to experiment, brainstorm, and test new ideas without the risk of failure. This fosters a culture of continuous innovation and allows us to adapt to market changes or capitalize on new opportunities quickly.

The Path Forward: Cultivating a Resilient and Adaptive Culture

As we look toward what lies ahead, we focus on digital transformation and skills development. Our ongoing investment in digital technologies aims to optimize operational efficiency, elevate the customer experience, and open new doors for innovative solutions. We also emphasize skills development and rolling out training programs to equip our workforce with the competencies needed to navigate an increasingly complex digital business landscape.

Come and Join Us!

Our culture is an ever-evolving entity designed to adapt and thrive amid industry shifts and market changes. By strategically intertwining this adaptive culture with an unwavering focus on innovation, we are setting the stage for GSE to be an exceptional workplace and a leader in our industry.

About the Author
Christina Stevens
Director of People

Combining her background in family law and people management, Christina augments GSE with highly talented, people. And dogs.

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