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Let's Go Micro Shared View


Let’s Go Micro is Live!

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Over the past few months, we have been planning and posting about a content series called Let’s Go Micro. It’s a pleasure to announce that we have finally launched the series, which will be following our Product Manager, Justin, our Social Media Manager, Sarah, and our Adventure Dog, Osito on a tour throughout the United States and Canada for the duration of 2020. This is our opportunity to demonstrate the difference between satellite tracking services and mobile-based options, and to give everyone a chance to see how they can coexist on a single tracking platform in GSatTrack.

Shared Views

Shared Views are an exceptionally powerful tool available to GSatTrack users, and we intend to give you the full experience with the Let’s Go Micro campaign. Shared Views are a great way to give access to tracking data outside of your organization or account, especially if you are using the portal to track things like adventures, prospecting maps, flights, shipments, and wildlife movement. Shared Views can be password protected for increased data security, or they can be public, which is best for sharing on social media and in embedded posts.

With Shared Views, users can also grant people permission to message the devices in the portal that support two-way communication. This means that if you’re sharing your adventures with your friends and family, they’ll have the ability to send you a message directly to your device, wherever you are, just by sending a message from the Shared View. They can even see your replies in the Message and Chat Logs in the Shared View. We will post and share a video in the coming weeks about how to send and view messages to devices using Shared Views, so be sure to check that out.

For now, feel free to engage with the Shared View that we have created for the Let’s Go Micro campaign and see if you can figure out how to view our check-in history, message us, and check out our saved Places. Click above to view the Shared View, and to follow our hashtag on Instagram for all of the great photo content. We’re excited to share with you!

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