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Oil and Gas Solutions Series (OGSS): Introduction


OGSS: Satellite Solutions for a Better Bottom Line

GSE will roll out a new blog series with a focus on how satellite communications can improve safety, productivity, and the bottom line of onshore oil and gas operations. There are countless companies, both here in the US and around the globe, providing oil and gas services. In fact, as of 2020, a significant portion of the planet functions off of the valuable liquid dubbed “black gold.” The electronics we use are made from plastics which come from oil. The cars we drive use oil-based lubricants and fuels. Many people warm their houses with natural gas, but even if you use an electric heater, I would be willing to bet that a portion of that electricity comes from a petroleum-based electric plant. Oil has defined the energy world that we know today, so it only makes sense that GSE should explore how satellite communications can complement safer and more efficient oil and gas operations.

With a background in oil and gas, I understand how many companies run day to day operations, along with some of the constant stressors affecting the bottom line. I worked for two different Coil Tubing companies running a fluid pump for a multitude of fishing, perforating, drilling, and washout jobs. I spent some time on the manufacturing side, producing BOP skids for offshore operations. I also ran hotshot for a while, where I traveled across multiple states running tools, equipment, and chemicals necessary for different oil and gas operations. My military background also gave me insight to the bigger picture in how different oil and gas companies work together in the same way that the different US military branches complement each other in operations on the battlefield. Although my background is not centralized in one specific area of the oil and gas industry, I was able to gain a better understanding of how vast the industry is.

After joining the GSE team and learning more about the GSatTrack platform, I just knew we needed to focus on partnering with onshore oil and gas companies. So many companies with unwittingly negligent or outdated tracking practices lose resources both in the yard and on location. With GSE working to better educate these companies, we can help ensure that equipment is not lost or left behind, crews are traveling verified routes, and that equipment is functioning properly in the field. GSatTrack has so many different tools and layers that I believe every major oil and gas operation would actually save money by taking advantage of what GSE brings to the table. When profit is the bottom line, it only makes sense to explore tools that will improve operations in the field.

Looking Ahead

Here is a preview of the topics that will be covered:

  • What onshore operations are well suited for satellite communications?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • What are the obstacles?
  • What is the solution?
  • How are satellite solutions currently being utilized within the industry?
  • Why does our solution make the most sense?
  • How can we adjust to better meet your needs?
  • How can GSE’s platform/device solution increase your bottom line?
  • How do our goals align with your business goals?
  • Why partnering with us is a win win for everyone

Series Articles

Lone Worker Safety

Please join us as we explore how improved satellite communications technology can augment a significant portion of oil and gas operations. We are seeking a conversation with the community to explore the ways in which our platform and services can improve business and the quality of life for our partners. It is our goal to foster new relationships and opportunities to partner with your company or organization. Please connect with us directly or on social media. We look forward to partnering with you in the future.

About the Author
Justin Sowell
Technical Writer

Justin brings a combination of communication, leadership, and innovation skills to GSE. With a diverse background in the military, oil and gas, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit industries, Justin enjoys thinking outside of the box to seek new opportunities in which GSE can improve the lives and operations of the partners we serve.

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