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Save Time Series: Construction Industry Reports

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Save Time Series

The Save Time Series shines a spotlight on the ways in which GSE products can be used to identify opportunities to reduce the number of labor hours required to perform critically important project and job-related tasks. The purpose of this series is to help both managers and employees focus more of their time on tasks and processes that generate greater operational value. To see more Save Time Series articles, please use the linkbase in the introductory article.

Saving Money with GSatTrack Reports in the Construction Sector

Identifying Time Sieves

Two major sources of inflated labor hours in the Construction sector are:

  • Asset Location - Missing Equipment
  • Route/Trip Planning

These factors account for a significant amount of operational inefficiency when it comes to labor hours, and GSatTrack Reports provide an elegant solution to both of them.

Asset Location - Missing Equipment

Understanding the Problem

Large scale construction companies often have a lot of assets, especially in job specific tools or heavy equipment. When a company has a lot of equipment and personnel to manage, it becomes easy for special equipment to get misplaced or even lost. Being able to locate Assets such as tool trailers, bulldozers, forklifts, manlifts, or other expensive tools saves time.

Understanding the Solution

The GSatTrack platform has many features which are useful to the Construction industry, but being able to pull reports on Asset location within seconds will help reduce the time spent on locating lost or missing equipment. This might not be an issue for the small contracting company, but for medium and large sized organizations managing hundreds or thousands of assets, time is money. Every second wasted on trying to find equipment ultimately slows down deployment to work location, time performing the job, and holds up work altogether.

Achieving the Solution with Asset Location Reports

The GSatTrack platform allows managers to run an Asset Location Report providing users the ability to filter out Assets by location inside or outside of a Geofence, or near or not near from a previously defined Place.

Route/Trip Planning

Understanding the Problem

When sending out Assets and personnel to job locations it is important to make sure they are following a direct route with few obstacles and not making unnecessary stops. Construction companies managing many different crews and Assets often run into issues with poor or improper route planning and execution. Either driving on roads not intended for heavy equipment, finding a bridge or overpass too low, heavy traffic, or any number of issues costing the company time.

Understanding the Solution

Construction is often a difficult environment as conditions must be right and many different things can happen to stop or hamper progress. This is why it is so important for construction crews to get to the job quickly and safely with as few interruptions as possible. Companies need a way to find out what unnecessary obstacles are hampering their crews ability to get to a jobsite quickly and safely.

Achieving the Solution with Fleet Trip Reports

GSatTrack offers managers Fleet Management tools but more specifically, a Fleet Trip Report. This feature allows managers to pull a report from specific Assets or Groups for specific date ranges. Ideally, a manager could run a report for an Asset or crew, the Asset Group, and find out information on trip time, travel time, idling time, distance traveled, average speed, and maximum speed. This information will allow Operations Managers to find out which Assets or Asset Groups are using more time then originally planned and work to improve the efficiency of the company by saving time.

More About GSatTrack

gsattrack about

The Industry's Choice

GSatTrack is an industry-best device-agnostic telematics visualization platform that offers a suite of tools that help people Monitor, Manage, and Maximize their tracked Assets from anywhere in the world. GSatTrack features real-time data feeds, map interfaces with live and history modes, complex reporting, and advanced interactive tools. Trusted by high-profile public and private sector clients alike, GSatTrack is also the default choice of most major Satellite networks, having been certified for use by Globalstar, Inmarsat, and Iridium.

About the Author
Justin Sowell
Technical Writer

Justin brings a combination of communication, leadership, and innovation skills to GSE. With a diverse background in the military, oil and gas, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit industries, Justin enjoys thinking outside of the box to seek new opportunities in which GSE can improve the lives and operations of the partners we serve.

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