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Spotlight Series: Equipment Tracking for Farmers

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Spotlight Series Overview

Many of the GSE blog series have great content about how GSE solutions can help people across dozens of industries collect, move, and manage the data intelligence of their business. This series will get more specific and focus on the specific features of those products and solutions, and how they deliver value to people in specific job functions. The series will introduce the REAL people using GSE's products, and exactly how they find ways to save time, save money, and keep people safe.

Sometimes, seeing the value of a product as feature-rich as GSatTrack requires this kind of detailed deep-dive. The goal of this series is for each person reading the articles to have the opportunity to recognize themselves in these personas, and apply these solutions to their daily activity. We are confident that any asset manager who reads every article in this series will find at least one way to make their lives easier with GSE products.

No Equipment Left Behind

farmer - carlos

A Solution for Carlos

Carlos works as a Dispatch Manager for a corporate farming and agricultural operation which manages several thousand acres of land between Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. The company owns a majority of the land they work on, but also farms land for customers who need the agricultural tax exemption but lack the resources to work their own land. The company is funded by an investment group whose goal is to see steady consistent returns on their investment while continuing to grow the assets and operation of the company, which include purchasing more of both equipment and land.

Carlos’ Problem

Farming operations are costly, time consuming, and mostly require the help of heavy machinery. The company owns and operates millions of dollars of equipment including tractors, harvesters, combines, trailers, side-by-sides, pickup trucks, and more. With assets and personnel being dedicated to operations across multiple states, it is hard to keep track of what is being used and what equipment is just sitting in a field somewhere. Carlos needs an affordable solution to keep track of equipment being deployed to remote areas and that is often being exposed to the elements. Carlos needs to make sure equipment is being used as efficiently as possible to reduce operational costs and increase productivity in the field.


The GSatSolar is a small solar powered satellite tracking device designed to be used in remote areas. The GSatSolar is built using strong and durable plastics that can withstand inclimate weather and harsh temperatures. With multiple mounting options available, the GSatSolar is perfect for farming and agricultural operations. The device simply needs to be mounted on top of the equipment where it can receive the most direct sunlight. GSatSolar can be mounted with a mounting bracket, strap, or even durable zip-ties. Once the device is mounted and activated it requires no further maintenance under normal operating conditions making it perfect for use in remote areas and on equipment that may sit idle.

Carlos’ Missing Piece

Mounting GSatSolars onto the various pieces of equipment and heavy machinery the company uses and pairing it with the GSatTrack portal will help Carlos better manage the assets at all times. Carlos will be able to track many different pieces of equipment spread across locations in different states. Carlos will also be able to use features like Alerts, Geofences, and Reports to identify operational efficiency issues and work to reduce costs. Dispatching equipment and personnel in a vast geographic region offers many different obstacles, but GSatSolar can help reduce the headache and overhead with tracking assets.


More About the GSatSolar Series

GSatSolar Series devices are the perfect combination of an easy to use tracking device, industry-best powerful tracking software, and the reliability of satellite infrastructure in off-grid locations. Together, these forces make the GSatSolar Series ideal for outdoor tracking of anything with four wheels or four legs, or the perfect option for a multitude of IoT and remote status reporting applications.

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About the Author
Justin Sowell
Technical Writer

Justin brings a combination of communication, leadership, and innovation skills to GSE. With a diverse background in the military, oil and gas, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit industries, Justin enjoys thinking outside of the box to seek new opportunities in which GSE can improve the lives and operations of the partners we serve.

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