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Case Study 

GSatTrack Keeps Families Safe

In today’s world where everyone is connected, it is easy to find ourselves placing free apps on our phones to let our family know where we are at all times. We may even download a free app offered by our network for added security. The truth however is that these apps are rarely free and offer little in the way of safety for our loved ones. What is more likely is that we are providing means for companies to use our data to understand our buying habits or apps which saturate our phones with advertisements.

To truly provide safety through an app we need to know that the technology is tested and provides more than simple location information. The app should be connected to a backend solution which is accessible anywhere and is robust enough to make decisions based on the behaviors of those we want to protect and even inform us of emergencies when we aren’t logged into the tracking app ourselves. GSatTrack and the GSatTrack Mobile App available on android and IOS together provide all of these things, and most importantly, does so without risking your privacy or the privacy of your loved ones.


GSatTrack Universal Tracking Solution

GSatTrack is a web based integrated satellite and GSM tracking solution, compatible with modern web browsers and works on a multilingual platform that brings together all the positions of every manufactured product under one location and displays and manages them in a single unified interface. With GSatTrack, asset locations and movements - including position, speed, altitude and heading - are tracked in real-time worldwide via GPS updates.

By using GPS satellites with the latest hardware and technology, you can now track any asset on earth, whether it's people, vehicles, containers, or any moving object! Our technology allows you to merge together all types of tracking equipment into one easy to use platform. The tracking equipment determines its location by triangulating a position using GPS (Global Positioning System) and then transmits this information via GSM, Satellite, or VHF to a central server for processing. Any operator can view and control any number of real time assets simultaneously.


The Customer Situation

Whether you are a parent wanting to make sure your teen is driving safely, or you are the child of an older adult with health concerns, knowing what your family is safe at all times is paramount. This makes choosing the right app to use on a smartphone and software solution to monitor our families every bit as important.


The Challenge

Monitoring family members and keeping them safe can be a full time job. The things we care about for our family members may be drastically different based on their individual age, health concerns or environment. If we are going to monitor these family members using a smartphone app we need to know the app will provide more than once a day location information or require the user to check in. The app will need real time monitoring with that ability to understand behaviors, send alerts to people who might not be using the app and be versatile enough to operate differently depending on the user.


The Solution

GSatTrack at its core is a telematics solution developed with the idea that it should be sophisticated enough to track rockets used by NASA, and implement those same technologies to keep others safe. This approach requires flexibility and an openness to listen to individual users for guidance. That is why the GSatTrack app for IOS and Android is the right app to monitor loved ones.

For children heading off to school each morning, parents are able to see when they get on the bus through alerts created to observe movement or around places. These alerts can be sent to parents via email or SMS without requiring that the parents be logged into a browser or even have the app open. When the child arrives at school parents can see their whereabouts and know when they are returning home by setting up geofences around their child’s bus stops.

In the case of teens who may be driving, parents can set up speed alerts to notify them if their child is driving unsafely. Parents can also quickly create route-based geofences to see if their child is heading somewhere other than where they should be going. Battery alerts can also be set up to notify parents that their teen’s phone is running out of power.

Our elderly parents can also benefit from smartphone monitoring. Using GSatTrack paired with the smartphone app allow users to send alerts for instances of stationary dwell. This means if our parents are not picking up their phone and moving around we can be notified. This can help identify if our parents are in need of help even if they are unable to instigate an alarm or make a call. The app also allows users to be monitored if they get too far from another asset. This means that if a parent with dementia or alzheimers wanders away from their caregiver an alert can be sent to the caregiver or outside persons like local authorities that our parent needs help.

In each of the instances mentioned above the app can also be used for messaging other devices that are monitored. Users of the app like teens, younger children and parents can also send check in notifications to alert family members that they are alright. Finally, the app also offers an SOS alert that can be sent to family and even law enforcement even when they don’t have access to the portal or the app. All these notifications can be set up to be delivered via SMS or Email and access to this information is only available to users designated by the parents.


The Result

Pairing GSatTrack and the GSatTrack app means families can have the peace of mind that their entire family is safe regardless of age or use case. Parents no longer have to be concerned that their children’s data is being shared with outside parties. Households can know how each other are doing through behavioral information rather than just position data. This information can be accessed world wide on any device that can reach an internet browser. The people notified of events and family information don’t even have to be users of the app or GSatTrack themselves. In the end using the GSatTrack App with GSatTrack software not only provides an incredibly robust solution but a solution that you can be secure in knowing will assist in keeping your family safe.

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