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Feature Highlight 

Feature Highlight: GSatTrack - Expansion of Map Layers - Tile and Web Map Service (WMS)

GSatTrack has supported overlaying custom data on top of our standard map for a while. As previously noted, GSatTrack supports KML, GeoJSON, GPX and Image Overlays to help customers enhance their map views and provide valuable at-a-glance context for locations assets may be occupying. We’ve now improved upon that great feature by adding support for two additional formats: Tile and Web Map Service (WMS) layers.

While customers were previously limited to uploading files of static data, they can now link to external tile/WMS servers whose data can be updated much more frequently. For example, a customer may have GIS data on annual rainfall or crop yields they’d like overlaid on top of their sensors. Or even something even more real-time like wind, temperature or pollution data provided by a third-party or existing in-house GIS operations.

These options give users much more control over the type of data that can be overlaid onto their maps. WMS and tile servers are the two most widely supported public interfaces for map data as well. So now GSatTrack customers can take advantage of a multitude of public data sources to enhance their operations.

Here is an example of setting up a WMS layer that is available from the NOAA on weather forecasts and guidance. You simply enter the URL of the WMS service (found via the WMS link at the top of the page) as well as which of its listed layers you want to include:

GSatTrack - Asset Grouping

When previewed or created you will then see the data pulled from the NOAA service and populate your map. It’s just that simple:

GSatTrack - Asset Grouping

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